Sims 2 Castaway

Weee.. I’ve finished this game for like 2 days on my phone. Nice 🙂 The game was so incredible. I really enjoyed it but I had difficulty figuring out where to fish for the Yellowtail fish. Thanks to Google! Haha. Yeah. I didn’t play fair ’cause I was so frustrated that I can’t move on to the next goal. Winning the ring for my WIFE (yes, wife! I’m not exactly sure why my character was up to a girl when I had it set up for a girl as well. I was expecting to have a husband though. That’s weird!) was way to difficult. The guessing game with the Orangutan made me dizzy. You need to win so he can give you a price. Worst part was, you’ll never know what he’ll give you and your inventory will be deducted with 10 bananas. So there, after a million tries, I’ve won the ring for my Wife. I also had difficulty learning how to surf. I even  asked my husband to play that part for me. Haha. But I enjoyed dancing the Hoola with Leyla. I also enjoyed fishing and playing the drums with the monkeys at Coconut grove. 🙂

Here are some photos of the game itself 🙂

and this is my Wife. Haha!

Here is the Official Trailer 🙂


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