On our 45th ♥

We are celebrating our 45th month of being husband and wife today! Cheers 🙂

Sad thing was, we didn’t have time to celebrate ’cause I need sleep for my shift but we were able to have quality time when I got home earlier this morning. We had breakfast together and played downloaded games on my phone. Haha! Simple and yet memorable. You know, simple things can mean a lot specially when you spend it with someone so dear to you 🙂 The catch was, since I’m working on a call center, I was under the impression that it’s still the 29th. Haha! It was like I forgot that it’s the 30th in the Philippines so Hubby was wondering why in the hell am I not greeting him. Haha! I say WTF to that. I apologized of course and gave him kisses so he can forgot about me “neglecting” our special day. That’s awful of me though but all in all everything turned out fine. Screw the US time in the office! 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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