Best Set of Friends ♥

I have lots of these.. but I may say that PugadBaboi is the best of the best. Namely, Richelle dela Cruz, Paul Raymond Ramirez, Wilmint Velasco, Crista Marie Agreda, Jaren Karen Candie Maeda, Olivia Urbiztondo, Jezreel Ponciano, Antonette Opis and Jeyar Jao.

If you’re asking about everything that we’ve been through, take a day off hun because that’s seriously A LOT! We have shared laughter and tears together. We’ve been through thick and thin. Ups and downs. No matter how busy we were before, we made sure to get in touch with each and everyone. We used to hang out very often. Our headquarters is my place haha! Though there were some conflicts that tested our friendship before, we still have each other at the end.

But these past few days, we seem to have lost track of each others lives and I’m missing them so much. How i wish we can spend quality time again. Just like before.. Thank God for Twitter that I can still talk to Mamie Cheng like everyday, we can still update each other about our lives. Though Jaren, Crista and Dyez do have an account on Twitter, I rarely had the chance to talk to them but we keep in touch on Facebook instead. We also communicate through text messages. Jaren gave birth to a super cute bouncing baby boy named Angelo and I’m one of his Godmother. How’s that? 🙂 He’s, I think, 7 months old now. Lame that I wasn’t able to see him in person yet. I hope it will be soon. Tony and I communicate often on Facebook and text messages as well.  As for JayR, haven’t heard about him for a long time now. I wonder how they’ve been. The last thing that I have heard about Die Paul was he got mugged, his cellphone was taken. Too bad! 😦 and it saddened me to know that Oleng will be leaving to Japan this Sunday, I believe and I can’t be with them this Saturday since I need to be at work. I think that it would be the best time for us to be together but I can’t make it 😦  I will surely miss her though, we recently had a misunderstanding and I wasn’t able to make it up to her yet. Sad! 😦 Hayy.. I miss each and every one of them ❤ ❤ ❤

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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