Our Favorite Hobby : EATING ♥

We used to be so skinny, like we were malnutrition or something. Way back then, I love to party all night and sleep all day so I usually end up skipping meals most of the time. That’s the very reason why most of my friends asked me if I came out of a tomb because I was stick thin and my eyebags were the prominent features of my face. When we decided to live under one roof, we discovered that we have the same passion for eating. We eat a lot.. seriously! Haha! We love pizza, pasta, icecream and anything grilled. We also love street food like fried Isaw, chicken balls etc. and also Chinese food like Siopao and Siomai. I will be posting more of our food adventure in the future. Hehe! Eating is truly a way for us to bond and to spend quality time together 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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