CS Up Training

I recently completed my CS Up Training after 1 year and 3 months of doing just Billing. Whew! Universal Agent for the win 🙂 The training lasted for 2 weeks but that was a blast, had so much fun! No calls was really the fun part. Haha! My co-trainees were so cool and I may say that the training made us closer to each and everyone. We played a lot of charades and in every game, there’s winners and losers. Apparently, our group was hailed the Champions of Charades. Hahaha! Funny thing was, the tagalog movies was way too old that we didn’t even know who played the cast and what year it was released. That was a pain in the ass for real and of course, if there would be winners and losers, there would be CHEATERS. Haha! We actually had different ways on how to cheat. Haha! The highlight of the training was answering the Moodle. Speaking of cheating, yes, cheating was overrated. We haven’t read it but we managed to answer all the quizzes with the help of other agents who were actually done with everything. See.. WAYS! Haha! I got dizzy copying though so we had my BFF Chris, enumerated the answers aloud. Haha! In the long run, we learned a lot when we started doing hands on specially when we created our own accounts so we can practice. Our trainer Ms. Joy was as cool! I learned to love her despite of rumors that she’s a “Terminator” haha! That’s funny. She’s actually sweet, maybe she’s just doing her job and she’s doing it so well. I can’t think of anybody who’ll fit the position but her, she was recently transferred from operations as team leader to Training Dept as Head Trainer of our account. I would agree that she deserves it. All in all, the training was a breeze. We didn’t realize it’s over till it was formally announced. Well, time really flies when you’re having a great time. Still not getting the hang of it though, there were times that I found myself wishing to receive billing calls for the whole day 🙂 Until now, I’m still confused about certain things regarding CS issues but thanks for my friends for helping me out.  Here are some of our photos during training 🙂

Ms. Joy Fernando, our trainer

My Co-Trainees 🙂

The Boys 🙂

The Girls 🙂

This is so funny! This should have been a stolen shot but look at that rascal, played on the cam. Sorry for the blurry shot, I was surprised when he did that 🙂

Jacqui, her son, Mikhail and Trainer Joy


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