The Rise of The Planet of the Apes

Hmmm.. I saw this movie the other night. Touching story. I thought that I would be bored to death ’cause I was under the impression that it would be  a sequel of the movie Planet of the Apes but it’s totally different. It’s not a remake or anything and it’s not definitely a part of a series.

The movie started when there were men hunting apes for their laboratory experiment which was led by Will Rodman who was played by James Franco, (Yes, Spiderman’s bestfriend) who’s a scientist in search for a cure for his father’s illness, Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently, the lab experiment turned the apes into super genius, giving them a human level of intelligence. One of the chimpanzees, named Bright Eyes, that was captured secretly gave birth and goes on rampage thinking that they took away her baby. She was shot and died. Steven Jacobs who was played by David Oyelowo, Will’s boss was so disappointed regarding the incident and orders his subordinates to kill all the Chimpanzees and pulled out the experiment. Will’s friend can’t bring himself to kill the baby so he let him keep it, he named him Caesar played by Andy Serkis (He also played the Gollum, Sméagol in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy). He inherited her mother’s intelligence. The effects were so good that you wont realize Caesar is not a real ape. Will gave his father a sample for the cure of his illness, it worked at first but eventually his father’s immune system fights off the virus and he died. Caesar was put on a primate facility when he attacked a neighbor as he is threatening Charles, Will’s father. On the facility, apes are treated cruelly by Dodge played by Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) who works as a guard. He was killed by Caesar on their way to escape the facility. Caesar managed to steal an airborne strain of the new virus and releases it throughout the cage area, enhancing the intelligence of his fellow apes. They have escaped the facility and brought chaos to the city heading to Muir Woods National Monument forest.

The story was superficial, I know but there is something about it that would touch your heart. I love how the actors performed and how the movie was directed. Also the effects specially the chaos at the Golden Gate bridge when police officers tried to stop them. I’m so touched about the story that I even dreamt about it, only in my dreams it was scary. Haha! Silly me. Well, we do have different views of anything so watch it and tell me if we do have the same 🙂

Frieda Pinto and James Franco

Tom Felton as the cruel guard, Dodge (he never fails to annoy me haha)

“Caesar is home.” Saying goodbye to his “father”. Awww

Official trailer :


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