From Subic with L ♥ V E

This is a super late update regarding summer since it’s the rainy days already but I just wanted to share my summer getaway last February (See? Super late ei :))

February 27, 2011 : Baloy, Subic Zambales

SUMMER!!! Destination : THE BEACH. Off from work and away from the City’s polluted environment and say hello to the summer breeze of Subic. Yeah! Beach baby! Apart from the fact that I spent 2 years of my life there way back grade school, there is this feeling of comfort whenever the idea of going to Subic gets in me.

My Granny’s from my Mom’s side was originally from Olongapo City so when my Mom traveled in the Middle East, I was lucky to be picked to stay with them. I was in 3rd grade then. I so love the beach because I always wanted to be a mermaid. Haha! Silly me. I always wonder what it’s like to live under the sea and it really fascinates me if mermaids really exists. If they do, I wanna see one 🙂

Here are some photos of my trip..

Me + Mint. Taking pictures while on our way. Hehe 🙂 This was his first trip to our family house in Subic. He was very excited to meet the rest of the family.

The houses in the Quarry. These were the houses that I’ve seen in Pampanga on our way to the town proper. This place was once deserted because of the lahar from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo way back then. I’m glad that they’ve converted the place into a housing ground since most of the Aetas and residents there lost their houses before.

The Public Market of Olongapo City in Bajac Bajac. Olongapo city is famous for their motto such as “Bawal ang Tamad sa Olongapo” and “Aim High Olongapo”. I was so lucky to have a shot at this since we are on a very fast moving vehicle and when I say fast, I mean really fast. Haha!

The entrance of Baloy Resort. The beach scenery is so relaxing, complete with cottages, coconut trees and fine sand. This perfect view will make you say, “This is the Life” 🙂

The breathtaking sunset! It’s a bit cloudy though but the sunset is still incredible. 🙂

The Floating Restaurant in Baloy Resort. I can’t take a good shot of the Restaurant since I only have my phone for taking pictures and the fact that it’s almost at the middle of the beach so I tried my best to have the best shot and here it is with a boat that’s merely hiding it. LAME! Getting on the Restaurant is a sweat for their crews because customers needs to ride a raft. A rope connects the raft from the restaurant to the shore and the crews needs to pull it all the way through the restaurant. Oh my that’s tiring! Specially if there are a lot of customers on the raft, I think it’s safe as it appears though.

Mima + Jayar + Me + Cayse. Enjoying the view from afar 🙂  I love this photo. The view was almost perfect minus the peeps swimming from the distance. Haha!

There.. My summer adventure. I love Subic so much, it has a special place in my heart. I always wanted to go back specially when I want to be alone and think things over. The calm atmosphere of the place gives me peace of mind. I hope it’s gonna be summer again soon 🙂


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