A day at the Kingdom..

The whole family had a blast at Enchanted Kingdom. T’was so much fun. Well, to any of you who is not familiar what Enchanted Kingdom is.. It’s like a mini Disneyland that’s located in Sta Rosa City, Laguna in the Philippines. The park was conceptualized by the Landmark Entertainment Group and modeled after Knott’s Berry Farm. So, same thing, rides and all. I took a lot of photos of the trip 🙂

The main entrance of the theme park

Enchanted Kingdom

Me + Mint. Posing at the car park 🙂

Mint ♥ Nyze

Upon entering the theme park, the Enchanted Kingdom’s mascot named Eldar will be among the ones welcoming you. He’ll welcome you with open arms literally. Haha! The kid in me was very excited when I saw him. 🙂

Eldar, the wizard

Our entrance bracelets

Entrance bracelets

The first beautiful thing that would greet you when you enter the theme park would be the Grand Carousel. It’s huge and magnificent. It was in the middle of this pool with water fountains. There were park crews who were taking pictures of their guests in front of it for the theme park’s album. See, we were able to posed for it. The Grand Carousel is in Victoria Park (The theme park is divided into certain zones), The Victoria Park is inspired by the era of Queen Victoria’s rule and displays it in elegance. Entertainers leisurely stroll around the park dressed in costumes inspired by Queen Victoria’s era.

Grand Carousel

Bumper Cars at Dodgem


Want a hitch? Hahaha! 🙂

Bumper Car

The Roller Skater

The Roller Skater

The EKstreme.  My siblings, cousins and my Husband definitely enjoyed the ride but Me. Never tried it though. See my hand over there? I was just there taking photos and cheering for them. Haha! The looks of it gave me goosebumps and I was really thinking that I would die on the spot if I tried it. No regrets on my part though. It was really scary! If you want to see the video I took, click here 🙂

The EKstremeThe EKstreme

The EKstreme

Stone Eggs – Kiddie Ferris Wheel at the Boulderville. Those were cute Stone Eggs 🙂 It’s a kiddie ride but I think they can’t ride this without a grown up and it’s located in Boulderville, this zone has a prehistoric theme with dinosaurs as main characters. This is mainly for kids, puppet shows and dinosaur mascots will entertain you in this zone.

Stone Eggs



The Flying Fiesta. This is my favorite! It was so much fun. It feels like that you can touch the trees with your toes when it swings. Haha! It’s a different high 🙂 It’s located at the Portabello Zone,  it’s a replica of Portabello, a place in Panama in the Caribbean Sea where the riches of the Incas were shipped by the Spaniards. It features treasures hidden by the Spanish sailors.

The Flying Fiesta

Ready for take off 🙂

The Flying Fiesta

The Rio Grande Rapids. This is one hell of a ride! Haha! It’s the Philippines’ version of the Grand Canyon Rapids in Hongkong Disneyland. You will board a rapid with large cylinder tubes underneath the water. After travelling a safe distance, the raft will enter more turbulent waters. Along with the rapids, there are often waterfalls and I was the lucky one that was beat up by a large waterfall so I was soaking wet after the ride. Haha!

RioGrande Rapids

RioGrande Rapids

RioGrande Rapids

See? All wet huh? 🙂

Nyze ♥

The Space Shuttle. This is another ride that I have skipped. It let you experience an upside down turn six times. I rode this one once before and I swear that I’ll not, ever in my entire life, be riding this one again. It’s traumatic on my part. Haha! That’s how scared I was. This is located at the Spaceport Zone, inspired by sci-fi films and the NASA space program of the 1960s. This is the first coaster ride of its kind in the Philippines.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

There’s my husband Mint, ready to die errr.. to ride. Haha!

Space Shuttle

Mint ♥ Nyze

Our baby Alie

The Wheel of Fate. This is located at the Midway Boardwalk, it’s a colorful and carefree zone inspired by Coney Island, known as “America’s Playground” in the 1930s. Other attractions that you are sure to enjoy are the performances of mime artists, jugglers, and clowns. Was not able to experience this one because of so many people piling up for it. Too bad!

Wheel of Fate

The Jungle Log Jam. This is located at the Jungle Outpost, it offers a jungle adventure. It was designed after the Amazon jungle.  On this, you will be boarding onto a log like ride, the ride culminates with a rapid descent and splashes down into a body of water so in short, be ready to be in a wet adventure. Haha! Certain seating sections usually being splashed with more water for a more exciting and wet ride.

Log Jam

Let’s be wet. C’mon! 🙂

Mint ♥ Nyze

The Anchors Away.  I enjoyed this, though I’m like a scared cat again. I almost throw up and I was hiding my face, as if I’ll fall face down whenever it reaches its highest point. This ride is at the Midway Boardwalk too 🙂

Anchors Away

The Walk to Rialto

The Rialto. The first two pictures were the streets  from the Brooklyn Place, it’s a theater and shopping zone designed after 1940s Brooklyn, New York where slapstick comedies and silent movies are reminisced. It is also where you can experience The Rialto. It’s a simulator ride where you will be seating on a theater, watching a scene from a movie and your chair will move as if you’re in the movie. Hehe! Happy Feet was showing that time. It was a mind shaking experience. 🙂

The RialtoThe RialtoThe RialtoThe Rialto

The Parade

I enjoyed the parade so much but it could have been better if I was able to take some photos with the characters right? But there was a rope that separated the crowd from the performers. I was just lucky enough to have the front row 🙂

An Interview with a Pirate 🙂

With the Pirate

Hey, I took this shot. Perfect isn’t it? Haha! I wished I was included though but nobody can take it I like did unfortunately so I ended up laughing at their faces instead 🙂


They held a mini concert when dusk came, this was organized at the Spacefort Zone. I’m resting my way beyond tired feet when I noticed this. I was so tired from all the rides and stuff. They had 3 bands as performers that night, the Bloomfields, Tanya Markova and Urbandub. I was able to watched the first 2 because it was nearly time to go home when it’s Urbandub’s turn finally. Lame! So we ended up watching the fireworks instead. I took some videos of the fireworks but the quality were not so good since the crowd’s gone crazy and there’s all this pushing and all. Anyway, if you want to watch it. Click the following links 🙂 Part1 and Part2

Alie with some mascot Alie ♥ 3

There.. Last glimpse of the Enchanted Kingdom. My day at the Kingdom has ended. I had so much fun! I can’t feel my legs and feet anymore after that day though but still looking forward in coming back there. 🙂

Enchanted Kingdom


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