Saying Goodbye is the Hardest.

2 years ago, my husband bought these cute little fellows so we can have new “friends” at our house. They’re so cute and the moment I saw them at the pet store, I knew I would love them.  I named them after the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are also called Cavy. These animals are not in the pig family and do not exist naturally in the wild. They typically live an average of four to five years, but may live as long as eight years. They are harmless so they’re suitable to be pets at home. They doesn’t stink too much and you can actually give them a bath whenever you feel that they’re already smelly but that’s usually once a month.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs that become familiar with their owner will whistle on the owner’s approach; they will also learn to whistle in response to the rustling of plastic bags or the opening of refrigerator doors, where their food is most commonly stored. They make this sound whenever I’m around, it’s like they know me or they’re excited to see me. Specially If I’m carrying a plastic bag or some veggies which they love.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs should be kept in pairs or, preferably groups, unless there is a specific medical condition that requires isolation. Lone guinea pigs are more likely to suffer from stress and depression so I have them in pairs obviously.

Guinea Pigs

Domesticated guinea pigs come in many breeds, which have been developed since their introduction to Europe and North America. These varieties vary in hair and color composition. The most common varieties found in pet stores are the English shorthair (also known as the American), which have a short, smooth coat, and the Abyssinian, whose coat is ruffled with cowlicks, or rosettes. Also popular among breeders are the Peruvian and the Sheltie (or Silkie), both straight longhair breeds, and the Texel, a curly longhair. Summer, Winter and Spring obviously are English shorthairs and Autumn alone is an Abyssinian.

I so love them. They’re like my babies. Sad part was Summer and Autumn died at the same time. I came home from work that day and it was like that they have just waited for me to arrived before passing away.  I cried. So much. It was like I’ve lost my own children. 😦 I’m not exactly sure what happened. If they’re sick or something. I was extremely sad. After a couple of months, Winter died too and I was sad as ever. We just found her dead at their cage and still clueless about the cause of her death. She seems healthy when I last saw her. Then came this gloomy afternoon, it was raining hard then. I just woke up and trying to sleep again when my husband told me that Spring died already. According to him, he was depressed of being along in the cage for so long since I’ve been busy at work and doesn’t have quality time with him anymore. I can’t explained what I’ve felt. It’s like that I’ve been so careless. It was the saddest thing I ever imagined. Until now, I still look at their photos whenever I miss them and surely, I can say that, saying goodbye to my precious ones was never easy 😦


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