Inspired finally..

I saw this show on TV when I was about to go to work and I was really fascinated by those kids that were awesome in cooking at an early age. I felt sorry for myself that I don’t even know how to cook though. Well, put the blame on my Mom since I was not allowed in the kitchen when I was at their age. The show’s name is Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition and it was based on MasterChef, featuring Filipino contestants aged 8 to 12.

For the past couple days, I’ve been so inspired to FINALLY start learning how to cook. I have tried to cook home-made pancakes last week but it turned out mashed potatoes. The taste was good but it doesn’t look like pancakes though. My friends told me that maybe, I have added a lot of water in the mixture, that’s why it doesn’t look like one. Then after a couple of days, I tried to cook spaghetti. My husband told me that it tasted good but I know that he only said that so I won’t feel bad. Haha! Then I tried to crisp some bacon the next morning. I’m not exactly sure if it turned out good ’cause I think it was a bit toasted than usual. Haha! Oh my, is it me or I just don’t have the talent? Well, I’ll try and try till I perfect something. I really want to learn how to bake or cook something that I could call my own specialty. 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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