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The Sims Social is a simulation game was recently launched as an application on Facebook and I find it so addictive, apart from the fact that I love The Sims so much. 🙂 It was launched as an open beta August 9, 2011. As with the original Sims games, this addition lets users create their own customizable characters. In this version, though, players use their characters to interact with those of their Facebook friends. The characters can develop likes or dislikes for other sims, creating relationships that are advertised on the users’ Facebook pages. The difference with the original concept is that, the application on Facebook doesn’t have a town proper. Everything is squeezed on your screen. I have also learned that a mobile application for smartphones is also in development as a companion app to the Facebook version, which will be available on the current generation of smartphones. That’s what I’m excited about 🙂

In The Sims Social game Sims customization will include: Name & Family Name, Skin Color, Outfits and Personality. Personality is the second most important Sims customization tool we can find on the The Sims Social game.

Here are the Personality Types in The Sims Social and some details about them:

Socialite: These Sims Love to be the center of attention! They can Toast with friends and are very fun to be around with!

Rocker: Masters of the guitar and great singers – music is a REALLY fun thing for them and they can perform Air Guitar with friends!

Romantic: Natural charmers. Falling in love has never been easier!

Introvert: Not the most social folks around, they can have the ability to Introspect

Tycoon: They care a lot about money. However, no extra detail on this type of personality is available at the moment.

Geek: You own your personal laser sword and can even put on laser fights with friends. Better

Athelte: These Sims love sports and life’s a challenge for them. However, we don’t know exactly what specific interactions they have.

Creative: They love to paint and that makes them happy. They’re creative. They always see the bright side of life.

Villain: If you want to be the bad guy (or girl), this is the personality type for you. They somehow find it funny to do bad things and are pretty good at it!

There are currently nine traits for Sims in The Sims Social. The traits are buyable with Lifetime Points. Each trait also features 5 levels, each of needs to be bought at the double price of Lifetime Points than the last one. The traits available currently are slob, steel bladder, neat, super mechanic, insane, ogre, ninja, great kisser, and night owl. When the player upgrades the level of a trait, the trait becomes more prominent in the Sim’s lifestyle.

This is what I love with The Sims, the fact that you can customize your Sims house 🙂 House decoration items are divided in these categories: Doors, Windows, Floors, Walls. There will be hundreds of building materials so you’ll be able to decorate your house exactly the way you like it or quickly change it if needed. Some of the items will be only available if XP Level is reached so be sure playing more will be rewarded. There would be furniture that needs a complete collection of items gained while playing too.

Like other games in The Sims series, Sims can also develop skills. There are currently four skills: Art, Cooking, Music, and Writing. Developing higher level skill levels allow Sims to obtain new objects. Each skill has an associated item for increasing that skill. To learn to write you will need a computer, to learn to paint you will need an easel, to learn to cook you will need a microwave and to learn to compose music you will need a guitar. There would be characters on the left side of your screen for the task that’s needs to be completed in order for you to go to the next level of the skill. Once you completed one level, you will be rewarded with useful stuff such as Simoleons, social points etc. After this, you need to unlock the next level which will require you items that you have collected from various tasks. Once you have completed Level 11, this is the time that you need to upgrade you skill equipment. The more level you completed, the more Simoleons you will gain.

The Sims Social has three currencies: the Simoleon, SimCash, and Social Points. These currencies are used to purchase items in the game.

Simoleons: The main currency of The Sims Social.

Simcash: Simcash is used to purchase premium items, purchase quest items, purchase workers and speed up in game events. Simcash can only be purchased using Facebook credits.

Social points: Social points are earned by interacting with other sims. They can be used to purchase certain items in the game.

In The Sims Social, Sims have needs, just as with other games in The Sims series. However, unlike other games in the series, Sims cannot die. There are six needs: social, fun, hunger, hygiene, bladder, and sleep. When all of the needs are fulfilled, or in a very good mood, the player’s Sim will become inspired. Inspired Sims earn more Simoleons when performing skill tasks. Sims with a bad mood will not follow the directions of the player. Instead, they will fulfill their own needs by autonomy.

Social Interaction. Sims need social lives to be happy. Be the perfect friend and help out your neighbours out, or indulge your dark side, sparking rivalries and becoming somebody’s archenemy! If you are looking for romance, maneuver your Sim into relationships with your friends’ Sims and experience the bliss of a first kiss, the heartache of an unexpected breakup, and the joy of making up. Much of the game requires gifts to be sent from friends, hence the “social” in the name. For example, when a Sim levels up to a skill, they must have certain items to unlock the next level. Most of these items must be sent to the player from friends or are obtained by interacting with friends’ Sims. This has been an annoyance to many players who do not have a large amount of friends. When the player cannot obtain objects from friends, the only other option is to skip the task using SimPoints.

Crafting. In addition to building items and unlocking skills, players can use items found by performing tasks to craft special potions and complete collections. You can craft numerous potions that can provide benefits to your sim. For example, a fun potion will instantly max out your fun level, or a bad mood potion will instantly tank all your sims needs (helpful for when you are trying to find certain items). Your crafted items are stored in your backpack which can be found by clicking on the crafting button and selecting your backpack.

Tips on earning more Simoleons :

If you are just starting out then you have a good chance in starting off the right way. When you’ve just started, it is way easy to level up because it requires less xp to up another level, at this point I strongly suggest that you don’t use up your energy interacting with other sims, rather, use it to write on the computer or play your guitar, as you level up your energy gets refresh. The point of this is to evel up faster on your writing and guitar skills, the higher the level the bigger the pay out. Tips: writing jobs pay higher than the guitar jobs, so might want to focus on that.

You also make more simoleons by doing household projects such as cutting weeds, repairing broken things or watering your plants. Lastly, farming is one of the best ways to make simoleons. You should always have plants growing in your garden plots, since these are the best way to earn more simoleons. Gardening and growing plants earns you more simoleons per energy point than anything else you can do. The sooner you harvest crops from the moment they’re ready, the better since you get a bonus (extra money) for freshness.

If you want to earn simoleons quickly without having to worry about taking full care of your sims’ needs in order to get inspired, cutting weeds is your best bet. You earn around 20 simoleons for cutting each weed or removing mushrooms or rocks, and often, when you do this, you’ll earn bonus energy, which basically earns you free money because you can spend your bonus energy on more weed-cutting. If you want to earn more simoleons without gaining levels very quickly, water your bushes and you’ll earn 20 simoleons for each time you water them.

You can also earn by sending the gift of Simoleons – we can send 25 Simoleons to friends, which is not much, but if we have at least 10 friends to send us daily this amount, things start to look really nice!

VERY IMPORTANT: Always perform actions when you are INSPIRED. This will give you a boost of money (Simoleons) which you should not ignore. Also, getting Inspired is not that difficult!

There.. 🙂 I think those are the basic information that a new player should know in order to have fun on this game or leave me a comment for questions and clarifications if there are any 🙂

Here’s the trailer :



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