BFF Jacqui’s Birthday ♥

Parteyyy on my BFF Jacqui’s special day. Where? Vogue at Home depot 🙂

The Celebrant 🙂

Jacqui + Me in Pink 🙂 + Chris + Peter

Ms. Joy + Marvin + Yves

With ChiiChii Yves

With BFF Chris


Don + Jacqui

Peter is Ryan Bang’s look-a-like. Haha!


I’m like some girl in a shampoo commercial. Haha!

Me and my work friends had so much fun. Got home by 4 in the morning and was really drunk. Haha! Miss them already since most of them are in the morning shift while some already resigned. Too bad.. But everything’s cool 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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