Miss Universe 2011

Maybe not all but most girls dream is to become a beauty queen so when I found out that the Miss Universe pageant day was my rest day from work, I was like so happy that I’ll be able to watched it. I stayed up so late last night but I was able to stay awake waiting for the pageant to start earlier. The 60th anniversary of the Miss Universe pageant, was held at the Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil

Contestants from 89 countries and territories participated in this year’s pageant, surpassing the previous record of 86 contestants in 2006. The 89 Contestants for the title of Miss Universe posed with Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart, Mayor Gilberto Kassab, and Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete, on August 26, 2011 at the Mayors Office in Såo Paulo, Brazil.

Here’s a video of the pre pageant :

At the end of the show, the Miss Universe organization awarded two special awards: Miss Montenegro Nikolina Loncar bagged the Miss Congeniality award while Miss Sweden Ronnia Fornstedt is Miss Photogenic Universe 2011.

Here’s a video of the candidates on their National Costumes :

I was a little disappointed that the much awaited “Walk in their National Costumes” was not held on the pageant night, it was included at the Pre Pageant. It could have been better if it was on the pageant night itself though.

Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup shines like a queen in this National Costume by Filipino Designer Rajo Laurel. She is so beautiful, not to mention that she is so intelligent. She is a licensed architect and topped the Architecture Licensure Examination in July 2010 in the Philippines. I’m not saying this because I’m a Filipina. Anybody could attest that she is indeed a total package. Beauty and brains, I may say.

The Top 16 Quarter Finalists : Ms. Colombia (Catalina Robayo), Ms. Kosovo (Aferdita Dreshaj), Ms. Netherlands (Kelly Weekers), Ms. Puerto Rico (Viviana Ortiz), Ms. Puerto Rico (Viviana Ortiz), Ms. USA (Alyssa Campanella), Ms. Venezuela (Vanessa Goncalves), Ms. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup), Ms.Australia (Scherri-Lee Biggs), Ms. Costa Rica (Johanna Solano), Ms. France ( Laury Thilleman), Ms. Panama ( Sheldry Saez), Ms. Portugal (Laura Goncalvez), Ms. Angola (Leila Lopes), Ms. Ukraine (Olesia Stefanko), Ms. Brazil (Priscila Machado) and Ms. China (Zilin Luo)

Ms. Philippines was called on the 15th place which was a suspense since there would only be 2 places left. It’s really nerve-wracking specially for her supporters from the country.

Top 10 Semi-Finalists : Ms. Angola (Leila Lopes), Ms. Ukraine (Olesia Stefanko), Ms. Brazil (Priscila Machado) and Ms. China (Zilin Luo), Ms. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup), Ms.Australia (Scherri-Lee Biggs), Ms. Costa Rica (Johanna Solano), Ms. France ( Laury Thilleman), Ms. Panama ( Sheldry Saez) and Ms. Portugal (Laura Goncalvez)

It’s like everybody was wondering why in the hell was Ms. Venezuela (Vanessa Goncalves) not included into this. She was number 1 on fans voting on the Swimwear Walk, not to mention that she’s absolutely stunning. I really wonder why..

Down to the last 5 : Ms. Angola (Leila Lopes), Ms. Ukraine (Olesia Stefanko), Ms. Brazil (Priscila Machado) and Ms. China (Zilin Luo) and Ms. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup)

Another thing to think over, Ms. Brazil (Priscila Machado) was still included. Yeah, she’s beautiful and all witty but there were candidates, in my own personal opinion, who deserves more to be on her shoes that moment. I don’t wanna imply that just because it was held on her country, it was like a thingy for her to be included on the Final 5 but hey let’s face it, Ms. Venezuela or Ms. Malaysia perhaps should be there.

Philippines – Shamcey Supsup
53.15% of the total votes

Miss Philipppines topped the voting poll and she was hailed as the Miss Universe 2011 Poll  Winner. I’m really thankful for everyone who supported her. Here are the rest of the results : Ukraine (Olesia Stefanko) – 13.84% of the total votes, Kosovo (Aferdita Dreshaj) – 9.26% of the total votes, Puerto Rico (Viviana Ortiz) – 7.75% of the total votes andRomania (Larisa Popa) – 6.03% of the total votes.

This was the photo taken when they first called Ms. China (Zilin Luo) as 4th Runner up, Ms. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup) as 3rd Runner up and Ms. Brazil (Priscila Machado) as 2nd Runner up. It was down to Ms. Angola (Leila Lopes) and Ms. Ukraine (Olesia Stefanko) to be chosen as the Miss Universe 2011..

Well, there as photos shown.. It’s Ms. Angola (Leila Lopes) who was hailed the Miss Universe 2011. I’m happy about the outcome of the pageant aside for my sentiments about Ms. Brazil being included and the fact that all of them has interpreters during the Q & A, unlike our very own Shamcey who answered the question right away. We were expecting that she will have a title higher than what was given since the question given to her was difficult. Given in having an interpreter, a candidate can think about her answers while the interpreter is doing his job. Not unless if that candidate provided an answer promptly but as I have seen, the interpreters were cutting them in the middle of their answers, in other term, room for thinking. Maybe, I’m a little disappointed like most of my countrymen. You can call it bitterness too. Haha! Well, on the brighter side, we are still proud to be Filipinos because of what had Shamcey has achieved. Congratulations to all of the winners! Specially for our very own, Ms. Shamcey Supsup for bringing home the Miss Universe 3rd Runner up award 🙂

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Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown – Preliminary Competition

*Was not able to look for the actual coronation night yet. Sorry 😦


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