The Lamp on the 2nd floor..

The clock striked 01:15 in the morning which was my most awaited time since it’s lunch already (lunch for call center agents like me since we work on the graveyard shift). Niña, my friend and I decided to fill our hungry tummy at the nearest fast food on our location, along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas so that’s at the Raffles Building across.

We headed to the 2nd floor since there were no places to sit outside. We sat at the table across an empty table beside the glass wall. The usual, talking about silly stuff like we used to while eating our lunch.

Knowing me to be so vain, I glanced at the glass wall to check how I look when I noticed that it was raining hard outside. I told Niña that it was raining cats and dogs, then she started to worry about us being late if we will be waiting for the rain to stop. While she was talking, I noticed that the hanging lamp from the empty table across us just swayed. I stared at it since it was impossible for it to sway for the fast food was in an air-conditioned and enclosed place. I checked with the other hanging lamps on the place but that lamp was the only one that’s moving. I asked Niña to look at the lamp as well just to make sure that I’m not the only whose seeing it and she confirmed that it was really moving. It began to swing fast and we started to freak out. Before I can say a word again, we’re out of that place.

It was really scary. We can’t get over it like we were still talking about it when we reached the office. I’m really scared and I’d swear that I wont be eating on that place anymore specially the 2nd floor part.


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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