Welcome to the Christian World!

What: Angelo Takuya Watanabe’s Christening

When: September 18, 2011

Where: Dasmariñas, Cavite

We attended my godson’s christening earlier but unfortunately, we weren’t able to made it at the church for the ceremony since we were caught in traffic. We headed directly to the reception where the food was served in buffet *loveit 🙂

Angelo + Mommy Jaren

During the ceremony

At the reception

Baby Gelo’s so tired after the church ceremony so there.. sleeping like an angel 🙂

Jeyar + Me + Mint

These pictures were like those of “Spot the Difference”. Haha! See Spongebob Squarepants? I took him home with Patrick Star of course then I asked Mint to take them home for me, he was like “Are you expecting me to hold those balloons on my way home. Seriously?” Hahahaha! Well, I won. He did. 🙂

Jaren + Jeyar + Me + Mint

Gelo’s souvenirs. They’re so cute specially the mini feeding bottle. According to Jaren, Gelo’s Mom, the rosary that’s inside it was already blessed at the church. The other souvenir was a bear key chain with a miniature puzzle.

There’s me.. Checking the souvenirs while those two were messing up with the others 🙂

The Buffet table. What Mint loved about the occasion.

The party was done by 2pm so we still need time to passed by Tita Cel’s house since we’re in the vicinity. We stayed there until 7 in the evening then I headed back to work. I was so sleepy ’cause I woke up at 3 in the morning and haven’t slept since then. Well, that’s okay ’cause it’s gonna be my rest days for Monday and Tuesday 🙂


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