Goodbye.. FriendFinder.

A year and a half ago, I was a “Palaboy”. Confused and had nowhere to go. I was stressed out by the thought of working on a company that’s mainly about numbers which I displeased so I came up with the idea to just wait for payday and then off I go. That happened. So there. Bum. Then a friend from a previous company I’ve worked for contacted me. She’s recruiting me to apply on a new company that she’s working with. Not affording to stay bum that long plus she told me that we could have a referral bonus if I passed and stayed on the company for 3 months. Well, I did. Gathered self-confidence and off to TRG I went.

We started like strangers. Sitting next to each other, having different thoughts and lives but bonded with the same goal.. Pass TRG’s recruitment.

Waiting time took ages so eventually we had a lot of time to talk bout anything and anyone. Sharing things that one can’t imagine sharing with a total stranger. At that very moment, we knew that we met for a reason.. Be friends!

Patience really reap good things. We passed the recruitment process and was scheduled for training. I met new friends. Gay friends for that note. Training was just a playground for everyone. We have enjoyed it a lot.

My BFFs since Training days. Gerald + Chris + Jacqui + Am + Jigs + Kris

Jacqui + Me + Gerald + Chris = Haha! Baby pa kami sa TRG nian 🙂

Sadly after Training Graduation, we have to say goodbye to Jigs and Kris *sigh* Looking into the bright side of the situation, we have met a lot of new friends when we were introduced on the production floor. It’s raining Beckies baby 🙂 I love gays 🙂

Gerald + Louie + Jade + Am + Iris = Those 3 were added to my BFF list 🙂

After several months, our little group became a huge family of loving friends. Since then, we were inseparable. Doing things together. Making fun of those who gets into our nerves. Laughed, ate, drunk, went home and bullied freaks together! Haha 🙂

Boss Yoi + Chris + Me + Ady

After all the fun, complications started meeting us down the road. One by one, most of my friends started resigning from work. Each broke my heart, every time, but as they say, moving on is not looking backwards. As much as I wanted them to stay, I know I can’t keep them forever since they have their own lives to live. Selfish of me, I know.

Me + Chris + Jacqui = Lucky for me that I still have my original BFFs 🙂

Moving on, we continued to met new friends since they were in ramp regarding hiring people in replacement of the resigned employees. A lot of new faces and personalities but still we were able to adapt with each other and the fun continues when I met the Chichimons 🙂

Ate Mae + Peter +Yves

Raymond + Me

The Up Training for CS

Denden ❤ Chris : FriendFinder’s Loveteam 🙂

Daddy Rodolfo + Trainer Joy + Chris

My Chichiloves. Lhee + Iris

Then came this day that faith decided to cheat on us. That we need to have a total adjustment because we can no longer play in one team. It’s just so unfair that it’s so sudden. We were unable to prepare for what was coming..

It was announced that FriendFinder’s client doesn’t want to renew the campaign and we will only have until the end of September for the account. Everyone was shocked since we were so clueless about it. Mixed emotions. Specially when they confirmed it and we were told that we will be profiled for another campaign. The catch is.. they still don’t know what it is and when it will take place. Vague right? Everything was like grayed out. Nobody knows what will happen after September and all I wanna do is sing “Wake me up when September ends”.

I’m really worried about a lot of things for the next couple of days, specially that Christmas is fast approaching. We can’t afford to have nothing on Christmas Day *who would want to anyway?* There were rumors that we will be transferred to a sales account which was the least that I wanted *sigh*

Aside from that dilemma, the thought of being on a new world without my friends scares me. Though I know for myself that I can easily adapt to a new environment, I still want to be with my FriendFinder friends. I’m pretty sure that I will miss them so much specially the Chichimons. It really saddened me to know that we wont be seeing each other that much like we used to. I’ll surely miss those moments with them but one thing would remain intact..

It’s the friendship that was made to be real. Too real to end just there..

Staying in the company for a year and a half taught me a lot to become a better person. That respect is earn and not being bought. That friends weigh more than a position..

Goodbye, FriendFinder 😦


6 thoughts on “Goodbye.. FriendFinder.

  1. waaaaaaaaahhh..nyze, this made me cry..grabee…feel n feel ko ung sadness..huhu..if only i can adopt all of u..pra mgkksama p din kau..haysttt..bsta, just look on the positive side..(meron yan for sure) hahahah…

    goodluck gurl! mwuahh!

  2. Aww thats sad. 😦 Ive worked at Trg before, was on a different account though (Shared Services). I recall most of you guys on the pic since we were on the same floor then. Guess im a fan of your bekie friends! haha theyre funny and the blonde one is really pretty. A girl will be insecure. hehe Anyway, its ok. Endings amay not always be anyones favorite part but it is from there that we are given a chance to have a beautiful beginning. More friends to meet along the way and Goodluck! :]

    • Yeah. Really sad 😦 I so love my becky friends! They’re one in a million. The blonde one is Jade and “it’s” really gorgeous. Haha! I know someone from your account too. Si Catherine Ico, you know her? Anyway, thanks for having time to read my blog. Nakakasad man to pero I know mas marami pang opportunities for us in the future. Thanks again and goodluck to you too 🙂

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