Our Chic-Boy Experience!

Bonding day with Hubby 🙂 From work, we went to Divisoria for a little exploring and some adventure. Initially, we planned to go to Manila Ocean Park but for some financial matters, changed of plans. Everything was cool though 🙂

It’s a bit raining when were on our way to Divisoria so traffic is inevitable. Since I came all the way from work, I can’t contained my eyes from shutting down on his own. You know, traffic is always boring. Divisoria looked so different from the way I remembered it the last time I’ve been there. The shaggy stalls from sidewalks were no longer there (well, aside from the main road though). They were renovated and turned into malls. I find the mall’s names odd since they’re like some lucky numbers like the famous 168 Mall. I’ve seen a new one called 11/88 Mall and so on. Most of them are selling varieties of merchandises. I wanted to take photos but I didn’t for the fact that my phone can be snatched by some stranger there. Anyway, while wandering through the malls, we came across a billboard that says Chic-Boy was already open from a place called Cityplace Square and I was like “Where the hell is that?” For a hungry tummy and the idea that we have always wanted to dine in Chic-boy, we tried looking for the place that was indicated on the billboard. I saw one branch of the fast food at Shaw Boulevard, the place was always crowded so it made me so curious to try their food too. Then we came across this mall that has this “shala” look. Haha! Viola! Cityplace Square! We rode the escalator up to the 3rd floor as per the ad where Chic-Boy is located.

The mall just opened so we managed to choose the best sit 🙂 The ambiance is so nice. It was like I’m eating on a restaurant far from the city. The fast food’s name was derived from two words : Chicken and Baboy (Pig). Two of the main products that they cater to customers. For the fact that Filipinos love to eat and at almost all the time, chicken and pork are always on the menu.

I had a hard time on what to choose on their menu. It’s like everything is to die for 🙂 I heard their Cebu Lechon Liempo is very good, it’s affordable for something so tasty and it’s Rice All You Can baby. Plus it’s bottomless Iced Tea for just an additional of Php 25 🙂 These are being served with a bowl of soup and condiments already.

Waiting.. Hmmm.. The aroma of something that was being roast while we were waiting excites me more 🙂

I find them cute. Aren’t they? 🙂

Cebu Lechon Liempo

Cebu Lechon Manok

Hubby tried their Cebu Lechon Liempo while I tried Cebu Lechon Manok then I let him try mine and vice versa. The Liempo was a bit dry but still it’s tasty, it could have been better if it’s kinda juicy so it will not be rough to eat. The chicken on the other hand was tender but a little bland or maybe because I love it salty. It’s well roasted since I really doesn’t want my chicken to be half-cooked. The rice that was wrapped in a leaf  tasted good as well, it has this fresh taste.

Hubby enjoyed it so much because of Rice All You Can. Haha! He ate I think 5 cups of rice for the record and I only had 2 🙂 We were so full that we spent a couple of more minutes before we took off.

.. and here’s for dessert


All in all, the experience was quite good and fun. We enjoyed the food a lot. Haha! You can visit Chic-Boy’s website if you want to know the nearest branch in your location (I should have a free meal for advertisement. Haha!)

Here’s their official website:

Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy)


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