Shoes.. Shoes..

I’m so excited about this since after a long loooong time, I have bought new shoes again and mind you, I bought them for a very affordable price. Talking about Divisoria! I love that place though there’s seriously a lot of people everywhere. People may say that it’s one of the scariest place to go to in Manila. Not for having ghosts and monsters at least. Haha!

Initially, I planned in buying some thongs slippers because for some reasons I’m much comfortable wearing those compare to slip ons, wedges, heels, rubber shoes etc. Maybe because I’m always on the go so I prefer them light and hassle free. Apparently, Barbie shoes and fancy flats were everywhere and this specific stall that sells my preferred thongs slippers was nowhere to be found. I wonder why.. Hmm.. Anyway, I think I’ve bought such cute pairs 🙂

The Safari Flats

Pleasssssee.. Don’t mind my crappy feet! 🙂 I really think that this is sooo fine. It’s light weight, plus the zebra print is somehow “shala”. Haha! You can wear it for smart casual outfits and for those relax days to wear jeans and shorts. I think that you can also wear this if you want to party all night since you can pair this with a nice skirt and a girly top.

The Stripes Sensation

Again, don’t just look at my scary feet. Haha! This one is my personal favorite. Knowing me as laid back and free-spirited (as I’ve mention), I’ve always wanted those pieces that will not give me that uncomfortable feeling that I’ll decide to just stay home instead of wandering outside. This pair is very comfortable. I think this would fit more for dress down days but this can also be paired with cute summer dresses as well. Perfect for picnics and out-of-town trips too. I love how the colors on it blend the stripes well 🙂

There.. my new pairs of obsession! Haha! I used to buy footwear often, I’ve already minimized it since I felt that it’s becoming an addiction. Haha! I don’t care if my clothes were reruns or something as long as my footwear are always new. Haha! And when I say OFTEN, I mean everyday. Haha! I usually buy 2 to 3 pairs. My Husband even tagged me as Little Emelda, patterned to the former First Lady who collects shoes herself 🙂


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