Milk Tea for a Healthy Me

I always wanted to be health conscious but situations doesn’t permit me to or I’m just making up excuses for this. Haha! Well, I know that eating vegetables is not mainly the thing to be considered healthy. Honestly, I rarely eat vegetables. I don’t exercise but I consider walking from Megamall up to Hanston building at Emerald Avenue for work an everyday exercise though and I eat a lot of fatty food. I also barely sleep because of the dilemma of sleeping during the day while everybody’s awake is a struggle.  So in short, I’m not really living a healthy life for that matter.

My friend Aldrin from the previous company I have worked for introduced me with this whole new drink, MineShine Milk Tea. It’s a drink that’s imported from Taiwan and you can only buy this at  711 stores which I’m not exactly sure why. It’s an alternative for my usual soda and it tastes really good specially when chilled. Perfect for those hot summer days. It’s healthy since it’s tea with the addition of a small amount of milk. Vitamin B2 in tea helps form blood cells. This vitamin can regulate the break down of fats and amino acids. It also play an important role in energy production. This vitamin can also help maintaining healthy and young-looking skin and it increases the antibodies to fight off diseases. One of the most important benefits are that it reduces headache and it helps to concentrate. While milk has Vitamin A that is required for good vision, immune health and for normal growth and development of body tissues. See, healthy drink for real. I find it addictive. Haha! Hey, it’s just Php40 per bottle. An affordable way to be healthy 🙂

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