FriendFinder’s Kick Off Party

September 30, 2011 : The day that we dread to come has finally arrived. The day started normal, everyone was on their stations. The usual talking about how their past days turned out. The only thing that’s not normal was, the volume of calls. It should have been raining calls that very moment but it wasn’t. Reality then bit me with a fact… it’s FriendFinder’s last day of operation. Everyone was sad but nobody wants to show it. I know… I was so lazy to answer calls that time so we have spent the remaining hours taking photos instead. Memories that we will treasure for sure..

My team mates. Yves, Mac and Raymond were not there though.

My previous team. Team Yoi 🙂

Team John. Boss John was late for the photo shoot. Too bad.

Team Marge. She’s not there as well..

This is the catch. There shouldn’t be Team Joy. Well, there was.. before 🙂

The Quality Team

The Escalation Team

OM Jaypee, Ady and Boss CJ

Boss Joy and Boss John

Boss Yoi, ME and Boss Joy

GAME: Find ME! Haha 🙂

We had free food from obviously, KFC..

and Pizza! 🙂

Finally it’s time to go home..  Kissed and hugged friends. Assured everyone that we’ll keep in touch no matter what. Sad but to smile was the least we can do. After that day, I have been on a 9 day vacation because our new training will start on Monday. Well, I hope so.. Bye FriendFinder. See you.. SOON 😀


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