Vonage’s 1st day of Training

After my not so fun 9 day vacation (That’s because payday would be the 1st day of training so not enough funds to spend time outdoor. Lame right???), finally.. 1st day of training. Well, I’m not really excited about the training itself but the thought of seeing my friends again after a while, most specially my BFFs. Wasn’t able to see most of them during our FriendFinder days since a lot of them were on the morning shift.

I arrived 15 minutes ahead of our schedule so we smoked downstairs while waiting for the others. We waited for the trainer for like 2 hours before we were informed that he was sick and he will not attend the class. Apparently, the substitute trainer met us after 4 hours in total. While waiting for somebody to finally show up, we took photos 🙂 (Cam Whore Mode: ON)

Jacqui was like “I wanna Pee!!” but still ready for her close up. Hahahaha!

These photos were apparently from DAY 2 🙂

Who says eating is not allowed at the Training Room? 🙂

Cam whoring with BFF Chris

Activity Time 🙂

SUPPOSED to be a stolen shot. Haha! Cam Whores see? 🙂

Then my phone screamed “Battery Low”. Fun ends there. Haha! Well, I’ll just update this blog for more photos for the next couple of days or post a new blog for other Training activities that we will be having. Just hope this Training will treat as good though 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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