Just in time for Halloween.

Got nothing to do and still can’t sleep. I read about this blog about decorating the house for Halloween so since I can’t decorate our apartment that way and boredom of course, I decided to just decorate my face. Haha! Not literally for that matter. Well, I love dressing up for Halloween but still haven’t decide yet on what to wear for I’m not pretty sure where will I’ll be spending it. I’ve browsed thru my photos and found some perfect photos for editing.

Scary right? My friend told me that it’s more of a battered wife though. Haha!

Originally got my red lipstick on, colored it in Black and White and volaaa… White lady! My naturally dark eyes counts but this is more likely a flirty ghost to me, with that grin on my face 🙂

Well, that is spooky! I’ve played with the gooify effect of the application I’ve used to edit this picture. See my eye right there, it’s like bulging right off its socket. I think that’s perfect 🙂

This is gruesome! The zombie decaying effect on my face looks so real. Can’t even recognize that its me, aside for my hair of course. And my eyes.. All white! Haha!

That’s it for now.. Halloween is still a couple of weeks ahead. Maybe I can take some photos on our Halloween Party and post it. I really wish I can do this effects on make up though so I can play with my friends faces. Haha!

*I’ve edited the photos via Picnik 🙂


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