Dislike Button on Facebook

This is one of my typical sleepless night. Browsing my Facebook account, tweeting with friends, cursing those pigs from Angry Birds and thinking of something interesting to blog. I noticed something unusual when a friend of mind commented on a status that I just posted. I was like thinking of disliking his comment just to be annoying when I noticed that the DISLIKE BUTTON was really there. Haha! However, I was disappointed that when I refreshed my page it was nowhere to be found. Awww.. It’s like appearing in a minute then disappearing again. I think that it’s only a system glitch and it would really be wonderful if it was really there. Haha! I believe that a lot wanted to have the DISLIKE BUTTON on their Facebook page as well right? Here’s a screenshot of my page and there’s the DISLIKE BUTTON encircled 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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