Ahlie’s Birthday ♥

It has been 9 years already. Time flies so fast.. I still remember the time when he’s still our little baby. Now, our little pumpkin has grown up to be an adorable boy. We celebrated his birthday at my parent’s house with the whole family 🙂

Baby Ahlie’s birthday cake 🙂

He loves Spongebob so I bought the Halloween Bucket Meal from KFC that features it. He was surprised when I handed him the tumblers 🙂

Our birthday boy ❤

Goofing around with the Birthday Boy and my niece Heatherly 🙂

I’ve deleted the photo of him blowing the candle though since it was blurry. Crap! We have attended the night mass to thank Him for another year for our boy too and bought him a toy helicopter on our way home. The day turned out fun as expected. Wish for more birthdays to come for our boy and all the love in the world.

Here’s Ahlie’s favorite birthday video 🙂


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