A Shot To Remember..

Specifically, since It-must-not-be-named already called and scheduled some of us for training first thing on my Monday, we have decided to end our Friday shift with a bang. Drinking session at noon. EPIC! Drink till someone didn’t know where his house is. That’s the agenda! Haha! .. and we have succeed! 🙂

My Vonage Family

JV + Marlon + E + Von + Daddy Robert

Oh sige. Kami na against the light! Booo..

Emman fooling around (as always :))

Hazel + Emman (Friends. Just that. Explaining? :))

Trainer Gilly + QA Tere

Unbuttoning? What the? 😮 SO GAY! 😀

I don’t want to go on with the session’s details because of some secrets revealed and scenes that were explicit! Haha! Kidding. Too bad that I have spent just 2 weeks with some of them since I need to go on with my life and go somewhere I’m pretty sure that I’ll be happy. Goodbyes are really not my favorite part of life but I can get by, I know. I’ll be missing them specially my FF friends that needs to stay behind for the meantime and just for the meantime. Well, this is really gonna be A Shot to Remember 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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