Back to Basic.

New environment.. New people (but not all of them though) Positive energy through out. Welcome to my new life. Haha! We started the day with a surprise, long, mind bugging reviewer exam for the FF peeps. At first, we were under the impression that they’ll use the exam results to gauge or to know the specific things they’ll need to focus on training but apparently, we’re wrong! It was announced that everyone who passed the exam will start dialing the next day. I’m torn between being excited to take in calls again and at the same time sad because I’ll not be able to petix in training anymore unlike the others. Haha!

Ahbie + Chris + Cleo + Joey + Gaspy + Me + Miggy

Gerlou + Ahbie + Dady Rod + Rob + JM + Ady + Jacqui + Ate Mae

Rob + Marvin + Jacqui + Yves + Emong + Ate Mae + JM + Mimi + Iris

I was complaining about these photos though because when I took their photos.. it’s perfect but when it comes to our photo, it was like blurry or something. Loser! Haha!

Call it stolen 🙂

The view from the 20th floor of the Picadilly Building in The Fort, Taguig. Don’t mind the droplets from the window, it rained. I missed the rainbow.. Too bad.

Sweetness.. 🙂

When we say Cam Whoring.. Were dead serious! Haha 🙂

After the first day, 6 of us were transferred to the night shift to take in calls while the rest will take a 1 week training I believe.. but we’ll get to see them sooner than they think. Haha! Bitterness..


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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