Confession of a Cab-A-Holic

I really don’t wanna blog about this since this is way too embarrassing but these would be something that I’ll be laughing in the future when recalled. Honestly, these brought tears in my eyes, actually tears of a scared lost cat. Haha! These unfortunate events started when I finally got a new job in Taguig, The Fort in Global City to be exact. I’m not really familiar with the place since I always hail a cab whenever I wanna go somewhere there so commuting for me is scary. First day was a breeze since I hailed a cab as usual. I arrived I think 30 minutes ahead of time so I had all the time to relax and make chika with my friends. Second day was like the start of my own version of “Series of Unfortunate Events”. It’s like hating Union Bank all day. It was supposed to be a happy day since its payday but it turned out to be so annoying. The money is usually out around 2pm every payday but when we checked, the money was still not available. I got really scared since I thought that my money was held by my previous employer for not showing up at work. Then I got a text message from a friend that Compensation and Benefits Dept was having troubles in releasing the salary and it’ll be out by 5pm. I was like “WTF!”. I got no money left, even change and the fact that I need to be at work 7pm that day so there.. Cab again. 3rd day. Finally, I decided to be a commuter. I gathered self-confidence then off I went. From what I thought was the easiest route, I headed to Shaw Blvd in Mandaluyong. I rode a jeepney from Kalentong to Starmall then waited for buses along EDSA. I’m really scared of riding buses along EDSA since most of the people I know tagged them as “Killer Buses” for they drive so fast like you need to say your last prayer before it’s too late. So there, I stood there waiting. A bus stopped in front of me so I asked the driver’s assistant if that particular bus will pass through the Ayala MRT station and he said it will so I got on the bus and found a comfortable seat just beside the door so I wont be squeezed by some of the passengers and I’ll be able to get off easily. The bus passed through the stretch of EDSA and squeezed into loads of vehicles. Same shit everyday. Traffic. I checked my watch and smiled as I still have enough time to bear with the traffic. I started to panic when the bus passed through a tunnel instead of maintaining its way through EDSA. I calmed myself by thinking that I’ll just get off the bus at the nearest bus stop but the bus continued moving all the way to a huge flyover. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t even know the places where the bus was going through already. I started reading billboards and signs on the way. To my surprise, I read a sign that the road the bus was taking will take us to the Skyway at the south bound. I felt so helpless and I really wanted to cry. I’m looking for signs of any bus stop but those were nowhere to be found. I found myself already in tears but I tried my best to hide it to avoid getting attention from other passengers. I’m really upset that I’ll be late for work and the thought of being lost somewhere far scares me. I got a lot of things in my head that I didn’t notice that the bus was slowly moving already. It stopped in a crowded place. To my relief, I saw a mall that looks familiar.. SM Bicutan. WTF! I am on Bicutan! I got off the bus and followed some passengers who were walking towards the mall. I asked the mall security officer for a nearby cab lane and he gave me instructions. I’m already running towards the cab lane since I only have 30 minutes left on my clock before my shift starts. Cab again.. I was caught in the middle of traffic since it’s rush hour already. The cab driver was so nice to look for alternate routes so I wont be late that much. Unfortunately, the cab that I am on was hit by a car that’s driving his way to hell. The good thing was, I’m not badly hurt aside from some muscle pains in my back and legs. They argued first before we continued on our way. Finally, The Fort. I was late for almost an hour. Lame! Id swear that I won’t be riding a bus in EDSA again especially when I’m alone. The next day was again a part of the series. I was thinking of a better route so I decided to take Makati instead. I left the house 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of my schedule shift thinking it would be enough for me not to be late but again I was wrong.. I’ve considered taking the LRT then MRT but I’m afraid it’ll be crowded so I took a bus in Buendia. Traffic was overrated! Aside from that, the bus crawled throughout Makati to hitch passengers. I’ve thought of taking a cab again but I’ve stopped myself from doing so because I realized that I won’t ever learn how to commute by myself if I’ll consider that option. Waiting for the bus to move took ages. Finally, I saw the flyover where buses will turn right so I got off the bus in Glorietta and started brisk walking all the way to the MRT Ayala station. While walking, a lot of cabs stopped alongside. It’s like they’re inviting me or some sort but I refused the idea, checked the time and walked as fast as I could. Well, in fairness I arrived 15 minutes late. Much better than the day that I got lost in Bicutan.

Came Friday.. we already had access to the Biometrics (the finger scanning thing) so I need to make sure that I wont be late ever again or it’ll be deducted on my working hours. I have decided to take the MRT this time, being squeezed out inside the train is really not my concern anymore. I took a jeepney from Kalentong to Shaw again, then took the MRT. Thank God the train was not that crowded or the series has its finale already? Haha! Got off the train from the Ayala station and took the Fort bus. I was so proud of myself when I found out that I arrived 15 minutes ahead of my schedule. If only I have tried to take the MRT from the start and tried commuting every now and then, I wont have gone through all of that crap. If only.. If only.. Well, as they say.. regrets always says hello at each end. Haha! I have made my friends and my husband proud too when they learned that I was able to reached the office without taking a cab. I swear from now on that I’ll try to commute around so this will not happen again.

This is the photo I took from the 20th floor when I arrived. I was able to catch the sunset this time. Yiheeee 🙂


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