Trick or Treat on our 4th year ♥

We decided to celebrate Halloween and our 4th year anniversary at my parent’s place with the whole family. Simple dinner but everything turned out perfect. Ang saya lang ng picture picture namin 🙂 I bought glowing horns for the kids and to our surprise, my brother Jayar bought some glasses with weird brows and glowing noses. It matches the horns I bought.

Mom + Dad

Hindi naman obvious na naenjoy ng Mom ko ang glowing horns nia? Hihi 🙂

Me and my Sister Cayse

Heaven + Heather

With my inaanak, Heather ❤

Sean +Iya

My nephew Sean doesnt want his pictures taken. “Nahihiya ako ee.” Sabi niya. Haha! But I insist at kinulit ko siya ng sobra kaya ayan nagpapicture din.

With baby Heaven ❤

I was like all smile only to realize na hindi pala nakikita yung smile ko because of the big glowing nose. Fail! Haha!

That’s my sister Cayse and her daughter Heather. Same pose huh? Like mother, like daughter. They’re so cute! Hihi 🙂

Unfortunately, my husband Mint was so busy with something else when we took the photos. That’s why he was not there. Corny niya lang. Anyway, I saw this Tapsilogan just nearby. The Halloween decorations are so nice, I can’t help not to take photos 🙂

The entrance is guarded by this couple. Haha!

That’s me. Pasimpleng pumoposing 🙂

Effort ang decorations nila inside. They’ve hanged a home made spider at the ceiling and they have covered their lights with Jack-o-Lanterns just to give that dim look. I also love the mini witches and the cobwebs that look so real.


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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