The Extinction of Christmas Cards

“Big things come in small packages.”

True indeed because nowadays, I consider greetings cards, most specifically Christmas cards as one of those things that were already forgotten specially with the kind of technology that we have right now. With all those iPads, cellphones and those stuff that I may say, made our life easier, we tend to overlook the idea of exerting an effort to let other people know how we feel about them.

I couldn’t even recall the last time I have received a greeting card or a letter from somebody else aside from my Hubby of course. I used to received loads of them from relatives and friends back then but for some reasons, as years gone by, they became lesser and lesser every occasion.

People were being contented in just sending out text messages which is the most convenient way of saying what you wanna say. E-cards are also used in replacement of sending an actual card because most people I know, wouldn’t want to go over the hassle of going to the post office to send a card for somebody.

With that it saddened me to know that because of technology and the fast pace of our lives right now, we forget those things that are still meaningful no matter how little they are. It still feels good to keep something like a greeting card on a memorabilia box and read it after  a year or 2 when it was given to you. This makes me feel good because I’m the kind of person who keeps even the littlest of things specially if it’s from someone dear to me and dig it after ages that they were hidden and reminisce the good memories that comes with them. You know, it gives you the feeling of warmth inside.

This Christmas, I’ll swear I’ll try to send out cards to my love ones and if I’ll have time, I want to extend an effort not to buy them but make them myself. I think it would mean way a lot if I personalized them, specially the designs and the messages that I’ll include on the cards. I wanna receive Christmas cards too 🙂 I think that’s a good idea specially that everybody is having a very tight budget this year. Anyway, it’s the thought that still counts. 🙂

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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