Wake me up when November ends..

Hey, It’s been a month since I last posted something on here. Been busy with a lot of things seriously. November was such a bitch, I may say. It all started when I have to go to work November 1st which was supposed to be a holiday and a time to be with the family. I spent the whole day working and the rest of the days seems to have followed the trend. I had some issues with my complicated schedule as well. It sucks bigtime.

These photos were taken November 1st:

My fave spot, beside the window 🙂

Si Ate Cleo, pretending to be busy. Haha!

and we were so lazy to be working on a holiday.. arghhh.

This is why I love the spot by the window 🙂

I’m so into the sky whenever I feel tired and drained. There’s something in it that makes me feel good inside. It actually calms my soul and mind in a snap.

And the cam whoring continued..

These are my close friends. Chris + DenDen

Me + BFF Chris

I also took photos of our new office in Taguig. Well, we are currently on the 20th floor and soon we will be moving on the 11th. We are just waiting for the entire floor to be organized and fixed with all the connections and stuff.

This is the reception

Elevator. Hehe 🙂

BFF Chris

Since I had troubles keeping my schedule in mind, I made this:

My schedule for the rest of December 🙂

Though I’m really having a hard time adjusting to my new schedule, I’m so glad that I’ll be in rest days for the important days of this month and probably will catch up in blogging.  It was changed from 5pm to 1am! Lame! November schedule sucks! I even had those days that I had interchanged my schedules and end up messing my log ins so I came up with this idea of keeping my own copy. Unless they decided (again) to change it and inform us a day ahead. Oh! That’s awful! Well, as they say, if you can’t do something about it better stop complaining or start moving. I’ll keep my blog site posted for exciting things December has to offer 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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