Moved to the 11th

The long wait is over. Though our office is not that completely finish, we moved from the 20th already. The new office is now fully operational but the amenities are not ready for use yet. The pantry is not that cool, the sink is nowhere to be found. Lame! According to our Team Leader, the building’s administrators are very strict regarding punching holes on the walls and constructing sinks and comfort rooms. That is why there were some things that were not permitted.

BFF Jacqui from the entrance

Our new office 🙂

Our new place is very huge and cozy. Alog alog nga lang dahil konti lang kami and we don’t have no idea if they’re planning to expand the campaign for now.

My station 🙂

Yves + Me

Ate Cleo was taking calls when we bugged her to smile for the camera 🙂

Jean + Me

Andrew + Jacqui + Jean

I love Nat’s tatt 🙂

Ahbie + Jacqui

The rest of the team while taking calls

We were not supposed to be on this photo. Haha! Sorry Jean 🙂

Yves + Nat

Love group photo 🙂

After shift, Jacqui and I headed to Healthway Clinic at Market Market to have our pre employment medical exams. I want to have that topic on a separate blog but I didn’t take any photos for I was so tired and sleepy. Plus, nakaka-stressed yung nag-physical exam sakin. Parang minolestiya lang ako. Amp!

I took these photos when we had lunch while waiting for the doctors to be back on duty because they were out for lunch too, I think..

Meet Mike. He was the waiter assigned to serve our food. Haha!

We were so hungry and Jacqui doesn’t want to have lunch sa mga fastfood for a change so we decided to have it at Pizza Hut 🙂 The place was still cozy though it’s crowded when we got there.

Cam whoring while waiting for our food 🙂

Finally, after waiting for like 15 minutes, lunch was served. I had Carbonara and Jacqui had some pasta with olive oil, I forgot what it’s called. Hehe! I was not able to take a photo of Jacqui’s food because she ate it as soon as served. Haha! We also had Meat Lovers for our Pizza and we end up so full 🙂

After we ate, I still had troubles pooping for my sample specimen so we decided to go home. Jacqui met up with her husband and her cute son Xander first after she walked me to the parking lot to wait for the Fort Bus, it was raining cats and dogs then. There.. Had a long day but it was all fun 🙂

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