Surprise Visit..

It was a lazy day and all I wanted to do was bum at home, then suddenly felt the need to go out and stroll somewhere. Mint and I were already preparing to go out when my best friend Oleng called me and told me that they’re on their way at our place. BOOM! Lakwatsa canceled. Booze all night activated. LOL! 😀

Ren + some girl (LOL) + Oleng

Oleng + Mint

Ren + Me (FAT.Eww.)

Ang bad ko talaga. I forgot her name. LOL! She was Renren’s friend. Sorry! My bad.. Oleng in white 🙂

It was all fun because I super missed them. Tagal na kasi naming walang get together so the night was filled with memories and reminiscing from our gimiks nuon. It was really a blast from the past. Too bad need nila umuwi ng maaga so it ended na 1 on 1 kami ni Mint to finish all the booze that we bought that night. Haha! 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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