Great Buys

I know this is long over due. I’m so lazy with anything and that includes blogging for some reasons. LOL. Anyway, I bought these from my favorite place in the Philippines.. Divisoria 🙂 You could find the best deals there, anything.. from head to toe.

One night, my Hubby and I found ourselves at the Tutuban Night Market. I would love to buy everything that I have laid my eyes on. Everything seems to be great buys and I wouldn’t go home without a nice pair of shoes.

Well, among loads of nice pairs from the stalls, this caught my attention. Aside from the fact that a lot of people wear the same shoes because of the word “uso”. I want to have a pair that’s a little offbeat. While most of the pairs are in floral and reptile skinned, I preferred this pair in white with black stitches on it. It’s light weight plus it can be paired to anything. From slacks to jeans, pants, skirts and shorts. It’s not really considered as a flat since, it has this 1 inch heel, I believe. If you want to see some pairs that I have bought before, you check my previous blog entitled Shoes.. Shoes..

Aside from shoes, I bought this watch too and its my favorite. Haha! This was given to me 2 for Php150 so Hubby has the same thing, its much bigger though. This is available in all the colors from the rainbow but we preferred to have it in white for it will go with anything you wear. It is made in rubber and it’s a snap on. It’s really cute 🙂 Some says that the quality is not good but I think it all depends on how you use it and hey what would you expect from a watch that will cost you 2 for Php150? 🙂

I’m really not a signature buyer when it comes to those things that I’ll definitely wear everyday in other word, yung mga pangharabas but I’m making sure that the things I buy would be great buys. I’ll try to keep my blog posted to other things I find useful specially when it comes to shopping 🙂


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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