Yves’ Post Birthday Bash

Yves’ birthday was actually January 10 but we were unable to celebrate it because we were experiencing poverty then. In short, taghirap kami nun. Haha! The nomo session was not really planned but hey it was a blast. We managed to have friends joined our little gathering. We even have out team leader to be there.

Yves + Boss Niki

The haggard ME + Jean + Boss NIki + Yves

My becky friends 🙂 Jules + Gerald

Gorgeous Gerald LOL 🙂

Yves’ brother Jason + Jules

Yves + Gerald

Iris + her hubby Frank

Me + my hubby Mint

Boss Niki + Iris

The Boys 🙂 Mint + Frank + Yves

Have you notice that it was like a Green party? Like most of us were wearing Green? LOL! That wasn’t planned at all. It was so much fun though there were dramas and all. Haha! Beers were pouring and they’re so drunk. Yeah, THEY were, because I only had 5 bottles of Tanduay Ice and they had 5 cases of Redhorse, I believe. Jules and Yves were so drunk that they didn’t know what they’re doing anymore. LOL! It was a non stop laughter night. Jules slept over at our place since he left his keys at home and the rest headed home by 3 in the morning. We would definitely planned for a repeat soon. That is if our schedules allow it and I hope it does 🙂


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