Common problems during Valentine’s Day

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people dread this day to come. It’s not really an issue if you’re in a relationship or not. There are some things that’s usually causing headache for some. So whether you’re taken or taken for granted.. Valentines Day is the most crucial day of all time (aside from Christmas of course Ü)

The most common problem is that when you’re not even dating or seeing somebody. It’s like you’re in hot seat every year when Valentine’s day approaches mainly because most of your friends will have someone to take them to movies or give them something that you would be envy of definitely. Or you will be bored at home since you’re thinking that you can’t just call somebody on your phonelist, maybe because they’re out with someone special. There are some time that you would not turn on the TV nor listen to the radio because you’re expecting that it will be raining love stories and love songs and you might pity yourself by being alone in times like this. You will also wonder where all the fine boys/girls are or even think that you’re not good-looking enough. I think that this is not really a problem with guys since girls should have flowers and stuff every year on this day. Haha! It’s really awkward to walk outside alone while everybody who passes you by carry flowers or walking hand in hand with someone. It’s like you experience a mini heart attack when this happen. Better yet stay home and sleep all day. Anyway, this is not a week-long celebration. Haha!

I really admire those who carry this situation so good that they prefer to treat themselves or spend time with family instead of hiding in their shells. There are some who doesn’t make this a big deal out of their life or simply making deadma na lang or they’re kinda used to spending this alone every year.

Heartbrokens. Well, those who just broke up with their loveones definitely hates this day. Maybe because they’re used to spend this date with their exes. Specially that a lot of things will remind them of their memories and good times together. If their exes regularly send them flowers, take them out to fancy restaurants or just simply walking in a park. This is indeed suicide if a broken-hearted person goes out of the real world and stare at couples usually dating around. For some, there is nowhere to hide since you will be seeing couples anywhere you go. From malls to cinemas, bars to parks and most commonly cafes and restaurants. You would also think that this is the perfect time to throw away all those stuff that would remind you of your old love or maybe ask friends to set you up on a blind date just to get even with your ex who replace you right after you guys broke up. I wont blame them for this since a lot of people are thinking that Valentines Day is for couples and lovers so being broken-hearted at this time of the year is like walking half dead.

Last and definitely not the least.. Looking for a perfect gift or surprise for your someone special. This is a lot of pressure mostly for guys. Haha! But of course, girls would expect something unique and really special from their men. This can be a bit selfish for girls, I know, but hey we are the queens this time of the year (Aside from mothers day. Haha!) Where in the world would you see a girl setting up roses or candle lit dinners for their boyfriends? That’s 1 out of 10 believe me. We could cook yeah but not really those flowers and teddies. No wayyyy! Haha! The common problem would be on how to add up spice to the usual flowers and dinners. To not be so cliché or patterned to the usual. Maybe researching would be a great help or watching YouTube’s finest proposals. Haha! You could also ask your girl on how she would want to spend that day with you but that is some kinda risky since if it would be a surprise, we would know you’re just fishing for information. For some, budget would definitely be a problem because as much as they want to have it as bongga as possible if they wont have enough bucks for it, epic fail! If you would be good in some do-it-yourself gifts the better so you can save some for maybe a rose or 3. Guys usually have this After Valentine’s Syndrome or most commonly known as I’m-Broke-After-Valentine’s. Hahaha! There are some girls that would prefer to just spend time with you on a movie or simply having DVDs at home munching on a home-made popcorn. Well, you’re lucky if your girlfriend is this type. Haha!

As you can see, not only singles do have this It’s-Valentine’s-Again stuff. I believe everybody does (Excluding girls who are attached to mapera guys who will be just expecting gifts and all. Haha) Let me know, if you guys have additional insights about this so I can update this and add yours. I love this day though. Spread love and cheer everyday.. Not only during Valentine’s Day Ü


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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