20 reasons? Yeah.

I was thinking what to name this blog post when I first started typing the words from the first sentence for I’m not pretty sure what to feel. When I first heard about this video from friends who were talking about it, I feel so awful. How could somebody say such? Maybe I’m just being so defensive about this. I couldn’t blame him for saying those because I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and freedom of speech is overrated nowadays. Somehow I feel that everything on this video is true, actually not somehow.. All of them are true. Sadly, yeah. I just can’t explain why someone could document such a sensitive issue like this. I feel like he is being racist in some parts. All countries I believe, have something in them that’s not cool. I’m pretty sure that I would be stoned to death if I’ll document something bad about US. I know a lot of things about the people out there and how they live their lives like everyday cause I’m working on a call center. Talking to them everyday gave me this view of their way of living so I could really document something about them too however I have this “manners” that I can’t just go out there talking shit about people, about their lives and how they live it. It’s just so unfair! How can we like, us Filipinos, redeem ourselves if there is one guy out there who’s spreading shitty things about our country. Unfair. Unfair. Unfair. I can’t explain how I feel about this, for real. I’m almost teary-eyed when I finished watching the video. Maybe we could do something about it. Maybe.. In the future.. But I hope as soon as possible..

I stumbled upon this article in Yahoo while browsing for current events and just for the title of this article, I knew that this would be their initial reaction: DOT slams expat’s ‘why I dislike PH’ video. I agree about the thought of the article knowing that yes, aside from this guy’s 20 reasons why he dislike the Philippines.. We do have hundreds or maybe thousands of reason why we love it to back this up.

Check this link to watch the video:

20 Reasons Why I dislike the Philippines

The after shifters Ü

This was not planned at all but since our schedule is perfect for a little bonding after our shift, why not? This was supposed to be a team breakfast/drinking session but we preferred to have some close friends to go as well. The more, the merrier Ü

Team Nikki

Everyone of my teammates from Team Nikki are dear to me. Specially that most of them are not new to me anyway. I have my BFF Jacqui, Jean and some peeps from TRG so team bonding are always so much fun. Plus I have met new friends that feels like not really new because of how ease I am whenever I am with them. It’s like I already knew them from way back.

The original plan was to have a couple of booze but it turned out like it was a team breakfast since we ate a lot. We also enjoyed making fun of each other over food. This way, we were able to learned more about each and every one.

 Roel + Jules + Lara + Daddy Bryan + Atom

I love how my friends and I get along very well though we have different characters and not to mention that we are a mix of girls, boys and gays. We always have a wonderful time when we’re together. I just hope that nobody from the team will be transferred to another team when reshuffle comes. That would saddened me for sure.

I miss Lara already, she’s been absent for 2 days now and she didn’t inform any of us why. I’m still hoping that she’ll show her ass pretty soon for I’m really not good in goodbyes. Though we haven’t known each other for a long time because she was just new, we have already established that kikay friendship since we usually go home together and talked about things that we both enjoy. I just hope that she’s doing good.

I’ll post more of our Team Nikki adventures in the future because this would not be the first and the last for sure. Ü

Happy Birthday Mommy ♥

My Mom’s birthday is so weird. According to her, she was brought to this world by a hilot and the hilot got confused about her birthdate. My Granny told me that her actual birthday was February 29. Yes, leap year indeed but the hilot indicated March 28 on her birth certificate. So Mom’s got 3 birthdays every year when it’s a leap year of course. February 28, 29 and March 28. We usually celebrate it every February 28 though.

My beautiful Mom ♥

Though I have a love-hate relationship with her, no one can replace her of course. She’s my ever dearest Mom. I remember her telling me that I would definitely follow her when she’ll die (not now and in the near future pls) because I don’t know anything when it comes to household chores and the like. She also added that I should look for a guy who would do everything for me. Lol! Well, thanks for my hubby, perfect choice I may say. My mom is so masipag, that’s why I always miss her when I moved out of our home. Yung feeling na pag gising mo, she’s done with the laundry, cooked lunch already (I usually woke up late, I always skip breakfast. Lol), cleaned the house and just busy reading her favorite pocket books or watching telenovelas on TV. Some says that I am the official black sheep of the family but Mom would always tell me that it’s not true. Wala daw talagang black sheep in every family. They’re just confused and lost kids that needs proper guidance in order for them to grow inline with the good things. Congrats to my Mom since I’m proud of who I am right now. She’s done a very good job. I hope for more birthdays for her, good health and all the love in the world. I ♥ you Mommy Yow Ü

My love for footwear ♥

More addition to my addiction! Had them the last time I visited my parent’s house for my Mom’s birthday. I really don’t have plans in buying any but to my surprised here they are. I’ve been into closed doll shoes lately so I’ve decided to picked those pieces that will show my toes and not to mention my newly pedicured toe nails. Lol! Ü I had them painted in black by the way ♥

This is a semi elegant pair that goes with those smart casual days at the office, plus it makes my feet look fairer. The only problem is that the gartered ankle support fits so tight that it hurts. I don’t know, maybe it’s just new that’s why it does but anyway it looks good so tiis ganda! My feet will get used to it in the long run.

My second pick is likely for summer. This is the next thing for flip-flops when you want to still be classy this summer. I love its floral straps and its light weight so I could walk/run hassle free. Perfect for summer dresses and skirts. The only disadvantage is that since the straps are fabric, rain is a no-no. Well, problem is, no one can predict the weather now. Sunny here, the next thing you know.. It’s raining like hell. I could bring a flip-flop for that matter. If you want to check some of my footwear from previous posts. Here’s the list..

Great Buys

Shoes.. Shoes..