My love for footwear ♥

More addition to my addiction! Had them the last time I visited my parent’s house for my Mom’s birthday. I really don’t have plans in buying any but to my surprised here they are. I’ve been into closed doll shoes lately so I’ve decided to picked those pieces that will show my toes and not to mention my newly pedicured toe nails. Lol! Ü I had them painted in black by the way ♥

This is a semi elegant pair that goes with those smart casual days at the office, plus it makes my feet look fairer. The only problem is that the gartered ankle support fits so tight that it hurts. I don’t know, maybe it’s just new that’s why it does but anyway it looks good so tiis ganda! My feet will get used to it in the long run.

My second pick is likely for summer. This is the next thing for flip-flops when you want to still be classy this summer. I love its floral straps and its light weight so I could walk/run hassle free. Perfect for summer dresses and skirts. The only disadvantage is that since the straps are fabric, rain is a no-no. Well, problem is, no one can predict the weather now. Sunny here, the next thing you know.. It’s raining like hell. I could bring a flip-flop for that matter. If you want to check some of my footwear from previous posts. Here’s the list..

Great Buys

Shoes.. Shoes..

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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