Tiles, Filters and Me

I was so bored last night that I thought of editing some of my photos for fun. I envy those people who has the Instagram application though since  I can’t have it downloaded. I only have a smart phone and it’s neither an iPhone nor an Android so I edit my photos manually. Before, I have had my photos edited through Picnik.com but the website was closed I think mid April. They have moved their application on Google+ which I think is boring so I rarely use it. Then I found a photo editor site which is more interesting that Picnik. Picmonkey it is Ü You don’t need to register to use the site and it’s very user-friendly unlike some photo editor sites that would need a lot of thinking before you can edit photos. The website’s still free as of this time. At this time indeed because  I think some of the cute options and filters will be paid features soon.

I have filters on my phone as well but I want my photos to be somehow Instagramified and Picmonkey has some filters and options that will have your photos like it was edited from the famous app. Here’s some of my photos edited from the site Ü

I have already learned how to play around with all the filters for the photos to look even better like mixing up the filters and the options. The tiles were not from the site though. Nice right? Look it up and then try it for yourself. Enjoy editing while the cool features are still free to use. Go.. Instagramified your photos Ü


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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