Kiss Ass

kiss (somebody’s) ass  (American very informal)

To try too hard to please someone and to agree with everything they say, in a way which other people find unpleasant.

Unpleasant and yeah.. annoying. I can’t really figure out why there are people who prefers to kiss somebody’s ass to get to the top. Personally, I despise people who forget friends and would not consider somebody else’s feelings to just get what they want by doing this. I can’t stress it enough how it disgusts me to know a lot of people who are apparently experts in kissing their bosses’ asses. Those power thirsty ticks that would definitely step on whoever gets in their way. Fake friends. Yeah.. These are the people you would consider as fake friends. Talking nicely in your face then would stab your back just to get what they don’t deserve.

It saddened me also that there were people who were a lot talented and deserving of a certain position that was shadowed over by these ticks because of the so-called “boss befriending” tactics. They get discouraged and learn to self-pity thinking that they’re not good enough or their efforts were not being appreciated or acknowledged.

Maybe this is also one good reason why are economy is dropping. “Palakasan” is overrated! It is everywhere and others might deny that this is happening but the bottom line is.. Shit happens!

It always feels good to achieve something you have worked for. Those achievements that you can brag to all the people around you that you have achieved fair and square and to celebrate it with your friends who were there in your journey? Priceless.

I still believe that on all actions there will be an equal reaction and karma is definitely true. Everything might be going smoothly for them now but there would come a time that they would realize that all the things they’ve done are not worth it. Friends are not worth any positions! They can’t even take all those wealth and power in their grave when the time comes so why take time to earn them with bullshits.

Tertels and Music

I love this blog’s title. Haha! Tertels indeed. The star of this blog post is my Daddy Tertel. I call him Daddy tertel because I am his baby, he treated me as his little one though our age gap is not that much. I really can’t recall why it was that way but it is anyway (gulo ko! Ü). Tertel because we are mabagal? LOL! Well, I love him so much and we are so close like tight. Hihi! Though it has been a long time since we last seen each other, we stayed friends. I met Brian, I think, way back 2004 and he is a pretty good singer. There were nights that we were on the phone, doing nothing but me listening to him while he sings. He should have a band of his own and I remember telling him to audition for some singing shows but he refused the idea. I believe that he has a band with his siblings but I’m not pretty sure though. Here are some of his videos that I really love.
Ulan Medley
OPM Medley
Lovesong Medley
The Man Who Can’t be Moved.
Talented right? I could have been his manager if he agreed to join those singing or artista search since he is also good looking [Yeah, this blog is to promote him and I should be paid for this. LOL]. Love you Daddy ♥

Our Birthday Swim ♥

Who says it’s too late for summer? Well, remember me complaining about my frustrations to have that one summer getaway that would definitely quench my thirst for fun? Our birthday [Yeah. Hubby and I shares the same birthdate Ü] was the best time to have it, I guess.. and my Dad was my Fairy GodFather who made my wishes come true Ü

Our actual birthday is May 29 but we decided to have the Birthday Swim last May 30th so my siblings can come too. We had it at Jed’s Island Resort in Calumpit, Bulacan. It was the perfect weather.. The sky was partly cloudy and the breeze was just right.

I’ve accidentally erased my supposed to be header of this blog, unfortunately so I picked this instead. It’s not as good as my first shot though..

He greeted me at the entrance. Hihi Ü

The birthday boy ♥

The entrance at the hanging bridge. There’s my Hubby planking and my brother. Lol!

That hanging bridge scared the sh*t out of me for real. It’s swaying especially if there are people crossing it like this shot. I may look like smiling but I’m trembling like hell. LOL!

Luckily, we got a cottage near 2 kiddie pools for my nephew and nieces.

Ayeee.. I’m the queen of the world! Ü

My brother, nephew and nieces ♥

The birthday celebrants Ü

I took a lot of photos so I decided to just choose my favorites to post on this blog or it’ll take like forever for me to finish this. They have this leisure park that includes life-size action figures and all the cutest that you could imagine.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Shrek and the Family

Alie at the Bikini Bottom [May mga epal na mouse sa likod! Haha]

Hi Super Mario Ü

Mint.. err.. Fooling around Ü

Ahlie with his favorite characters Ü [Yes. He is stick thin]


The Avatar

Mini hanging bridge

The Little Soldiers

Find me!!! Ü

Cayse + Liezl + Me

We have captured the beast!

The Fishing Village


Our house? Haha!

Haha! So ano to?

The Monk

The Hulk

The Frog and The Prince Ü

Chillin ♥

Me + Cayse

At the Hut

Mint as the Elephant face! LOL

With Appa, The Last Airbender’s pet Ü

Buddhist Temple

At the shore? Ü

My brother Ronnel with The Avengers

Mom, my nieces and The Justice League.. I think.

Mint and The Thing

Darth Vader

My dad trying to kill Sylvester..

with Iron Man

With my Spidey Ü

Mint and I strolled the whole leisure park and took photos of the place and the beautiful landmarks. Here’s some of the photos I took.

The Liberty Ü

The place is so beautiful and we really enjoyed the trip as obvious as the photos right? I am so happy that we were able to celebrate our birthday with my family. It was truly a day to remember and cherish. I’m hoping that we could have more trips with the family in the future. Belated Happy Birthday to us xoxo ♥♥♥

Curls are In!

Definitely, straight is out.. for me! I have had my hair straight since then. Though my hair is naturally wavy, I’ve had it rebonded countless times already and I’m getting tired maintaining it. Last summer, I have seen girls who curled their hair and that’s where I got the idea of trying it for a change. My good friend Jade, had my hair in curls that day.

I had my hair in big curls..

and in small curls too Ü

I have seen celebrities with such awesome curls as well. Here’s my Top 3 Ü

JLo’s curls are so sexy specially that it’s JLo who’s wearing them. She is so sexy so I’ll call that the Sexy Curls! I’m being redundant.. Yes! Haha! Beyonce’s are so elegant on the other hand. It compliments her pretty face and I love her skin tone so much. Last but definitely not the least.. Kate Hudson’s curls are those curls that would take you anywhere and yet still look absolutely gorgeous like her.

I’ve searched Google on the easiest way to have those awesome curls without having those expensive salon visits. Here’s what I have found..

Basically, there are numerous ways you can do this, depending on the duration of curls that you want and the amount of pain that you are willing to take. While curling, make locks by dividing your hair into five sections, one at the top of the head, two at the right and left hand side and two at the back of your head

1. How to Curl Your Hair Using Foam Roller

Place the foam curler beneath one thick lock of hair. Roll the lock around the curler tightly and start rolling the curler up from inside. Once you reach the scalp hold the hair with curler securely with a bobbing pin. Repeat these steps with the other locks. Use smaller rollers on the side and front of the face and larger rollers at the back. Blow dry your hair and key the curlers on as long as possible.

2. How to Curl Your Hair Using Straightener

Dry your hair and comb it thoroughly to smooth it out. Spray hair with a heat protectant spray so that your hair does not burn. Divide your hair into five sections. Clamp the straightener on one section near the scalp. Now twirl the straightener inwards making the hair take a U-turn. Run the straightener slowly down the hair shaft till the end. Repeat with other sections. Spray some hair spray on your curls to make them last longer. If you are using a curling iron or hot rollers, do not wet your hair as the hot steam may damage your hair. Do read the safety instructions on hot rollers or curling iron before using them.

C’mon let’s flaunt those awesome curls Ü

Minsan May Isang Puta

I read this article from Saab Magalona’s blog site. According to her this was written by Mike Portes back in 2004 and there was a film adaptation from Cinemalaya in 2010 entitled “Ganap na Babae”. It was quite an interesting article so I thought that it would be a nice idea to share it.


Minsan May Isang Puta

Tingin ng mga bobong kapitbahay ko, puta daw ako. Nagpapagamit, binabayaran. Sabi nila, ako daw ang pinakamaganda at pinakasikat sa aming lugar noon. Di ko nga alam kung sumpa ito, dahil dito naletse ang kinabukasan ko.

Tara, makinig ka muna sa kwento ko, yosi muna tayo.

Alam mo, maraming lumapit sa akin. Nagkagusto at naakit. Ang hirap pag lahat sa iyo, virgin eh. Tinanggap ko naman silang tao, bakit kaya nila ako ginago? Hindi ko maintindihan ang mga nangyari sa akin. Bukas palad ko naman silang pinakitunguhan, ni hindi ko nga itinuring na iba. Iniisip ko na nga lang na kasi di sila taga rito kaya siguro talagang ganoon.

Tatlong malilibog na foreigners ang nagpyesta sa katawan ko. Sabi nila na-rape daw ako.

Sa tatlong beses akong nagahasa, ang pinakahuli ang di ko makakalimutan.

Parang maski di ko ginusto ang mga nangyari, hinahanap-hanap ko siya. Kasi, ibang-iba ang hagod niya. Umiikot ang mundo ko sa tuwing ginagamit niya ako. May mga pagkakaton na nasusuka na ko sa mga nangyayari sa aming dalawa. Parang ‘pag humahalinghing siya, nararamdaman ko na nalalason ako.. Gusto ko mang umayaw, hindi ko makuhang humindi. Hindi ko din alam kung bakit. Ibang klase din kasi siya mag-sorry eh, lalo pa at inalagaan niya ako at ang mga naging anak ko.

Alam mo, parating ang dami naming regalo – may chocolates, yosi at ano ka! May datung pa! Nakakabaliw siya! Alam kong ginagamit niya lang ako pero pagamit naman ako nang pagamit. Sa kanya namin natutunan mag-inggles, di lang magsulat ha! Magbasa pa!

Nung kinasama ko siya, guminhawa buhay namin. Sosyal na sosyal kami! Ewan ko nga ba, akala ko napapamahal na ako sa kanya. Akala ko tuloy-tuloy na kaligayahan namin, yun pala unti-unti niya akong pinapatay.

Punyetang buhay! Sa dami ng lason na sinaksak niya sa katawan ko, muntik na akong malaspag. Ang daming nagsabi na ang tanga tanga ko. Palayasin ko na daw. Taon ang binilang bago ako natauhang makining sa payo. Iniisip ko kasi na parang di ko kakayanin na mawala siya sa akin… Sa amin! .

Sa tulong ng ilan sa mga anak ko, napalayas ko ang demonyo pero ang hirap magsimula. Hindi nga ako sigurado kung nabunutan ako ng tinik o nadagdagan pa. Masyado na kasi kaming nasanay sa sarap ng buhay na naranasan namin sa kanya, kaya eto nabaon kami sa utang. Lubog na lubog kami sa pagkakautang, kulang yata pati kaluluwa namin para ibayad sa mga inutang namin.

Nakakahiya man aminin pero hanggang ngayon, sa tuwing mabigat ang problema ko, siya ang tinatakbuhan ko. ‘Yun nga lang, kapit sa patalim sabi nga nila. Para akong isang aso na nangagat ng amo, na bumabahag ang buntot at umaamo kapag nangangailangan.

Usap-usapan ako ng mga kapitbahay ko. May nanghihinayang, namumuhi at naaawa. Puta na kasi ang isang magandang katulad ko. Ang dating hinahangaan at humahalina ay nabibili sa murang halaga. Alam mo maski ganun ang mga nangyari sa akin, nilakasan ko pa rin ang loob ko. Kailangan makita ng mga anak ko, na masasandalan nila ako maski ano pang mangyari.

Maski ano pa ang sabihin ng iba, sinisikap namin na maging maganda ang buhay namin. Nag-aambisyon kami at nangangarap. Ayun, may mga anak ako na nasa Japan, Hong Kong, Saudi. Yung iba nag-US, Canada, Europe. ‘Yung iba ayaw umalis sa akin. Halos lahat, wala naman silbi. Masaya daw sa piling ko, maski amoy pusali ako.

Sa dami ng mga anak ko na nagsisikap na tulungan ang kalagayan namin, siya din ang dami ng mga anak ko na nanamantala sa kabuhayan at kayaman na itinatabi ko para sa punyetang kinabukasan naming lahat. Eto na nga ang panahon na halos di na kami makaahon sa hirap ng buhay. Napakahirap dahil nasanay na kami sa ginhawa at sarap.

Alam mo, gusto ko na sanang tumigil sa pagpuputa kaso ang laki talaga ng letseng utang ko eh. Palaki pa ng palaki! Paano na lang ang mga anak kong naiwan sa aking puder? At paano na lang ang mga anak kong nasa abroad? Baka di na nila ako balikan o bisitahin man lang? Hindi na importante kung laspagin man ang ganda ko, madama lang ng mga anak ko ang pagmamahal ko. Malaman nila na ibibigay ko ang lahat para sa kanila.

Sa tuwing titingin ako sa salamin, alam ko maganda pa rin ako. Meron pa din ang bilib sa akin. Napapag-usapan pa din. Sa tuwing nakikita ko ang mukha ko sa salamin, nakikita ko ang mga anak ko. Tutulo na lang ang mga luha ko ng di ko namamalayan. Ang gagaling nga ng mga anak ko eh, namamayagpag kahit saan sila pumunta. Mahusay sa kahit anong gawain. Tama man o mali.

Sa dami ng mga anak ko, iilan lang ang may malasakit sa akin. May malasakit man, nahihilaw pa.

Mabigat dalahin para sa akin, ang katotohanan na ni minsan ay di kami naging isang pamilya. Halos lahat ng mga anak ko, galit sa isa’t isa. IIlan ang gusto magtulungan, naghihilahan pa. Madalas kong itinatanong sa sarili ko kung naging masama ba akong nanay para magturingan ng ganito ang mga anak ko?

Kanino bang similya ng demonyo nanggaling ang mga anak kong maituturing mong may mga pinag-aralan pero nakakadama ng saya at sarap sa paghihirap ng kapatid nila? Di ko lubos maisip kung saan impiyerno nanggaling ang kasikiman ng ilan sa mga anak kong ito. Sila pa naman ang inaasahan kong magbabangon sa amin. Nakakabaliw isipin na natitiis nila ang kalagayan ng kanilang mga kapatid na halos mamatay sa hirap ng buhay. Parang di sila magkakapatid sa tindi ng pagkaganid at walang pagmamalasakit.

Ang di ko akalain ay mismong mga anak ko, ang tuluyang sisira sa akin. Kinapital ang laspag na ganda ko. Masaya sila sa mga nabibili nila mula sa pinagputahan ko. Buong angas nilang pinagyayabang ang mga pansamantalang yaman at ang kanilang hilaw na pagkatao sa mga makakakita at makikinig. Talaga bang nakakalula ang materyal na kayamanan at mga titulong ikinakabit sa pangalan? Hindi ko maintindihan.

Minsan sa pagtingin ko sa salamin, ni hindi ko na nga kilala sarili ko.

Dadating na naman ang pasko, sana maalala naman ako ng mga anak ko. Ilang linggo pa, magbabagong taon na. Natatakot ako sa taong darating. Ngayon pa lang usap-usapan na ang susunod na pangbubugaw sa akin. Gagamitin pa nila ang kahinaan ng mga kapatid nilang alipin sa kalam ng tiyan. Sa tagal ng panahong ganito ang sitwasyon namin parang eto lang ang sulok na gagalawan ko. Sana may magtanggol naman sa akin. Ipaglaban naman nila ako. Gusto kong isigaw: “Ina ninyo ako! Pagmamahal nyo lang ang kailangan ko!”

Sensya na, ang haba na ng drama ko. Masisira na ang make up ko nito eh. Salamat ha, pinakinggan mo ako. Malaking bagay sa akin na nakausap kita. Ang tagal nating nag-usap, di man lang ako nagpapakilala.

Ay sorry, di ko nasabi pangalan ko.

Pilipinas nga pala.


Saab also shared the original link where she read the article:

Pork Adobo in 2 Easy Steps!

It was a lovely Sunday morning when I woke up too early so I decided to think about cooking lunch. I want to try the famous Pork Adobo of the Philippines. Searched Google for a perfect recipe and found the easiest from Luto Ni Lola. Here’s the recipe I got from the site.


  •     oil
  •     6 cloves garlic, minced
  •     1/2 kilo pork, cut into cubes
  •     salt and ground pepper
  •     1/2 cup water
  •     1/3 cup white vinegar
  •     1/3 cup soy sauce
  •     3-4 bay leaves (aka laurel)
  •     1/2 tspn peppercorn


1. On a hot skillet over medium heat, add oil. Saute garlic and pork cubes. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Cook while stirring occasionally until half-cooked, about 15 minutes.

2. Add water, vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaf and pepper corn. Do not stir. Turn down the heat. Simmer for about 20 minutes or until pork is done and sauce has almost dried up. Serve with rice.

NOTE: You should not stir the mixture right after adding the vinegar while cooking. This also goes with other vinegar-based food such as Paksiw (a stew in vinegar). The vinegar will not be cooked properly. Hence, the result would be sour and all you can taste is the raw vinegar. Unless if that’s what you prefer. Stir the food a few minutes after it started to simmer. That’s why it’s important to turn the heat down to avoid burning and to make the meat tender.

It was quite easy when you will be reading it but when I tried doing it already.. Boom. Semi fail! It tasted good but the meat was like so soak on oil. I think I’ve put too much on it. My hubby told me that the instructions is so easy. It’s just my first time and maybe that’s the reason why I’m having troubles with it. I’m really looking forward in perfecting this dish since this is one of my favorites. Specially if my Dad cooked it. Ü