Curls are In!

Definitely, straight is out.. for me! I have had my hair straight since then. Though my hair is naturally wavy, I’ve had it rebonded countless times already and I’m getting tired maintaining it. Last summer, I have seen girls who curled their hair and that’s where I got the idea of trying it for a change. My good friend Jade, had my hair in curls that day.

I had my hair in big curls..

and in small curls too Ü

I have seen celebrities with such awesome curls as well. Here’s my Top 3 Ü

JLo’s curls are so sexy specially that it’s JLo who’s wearing them. She is so sexy so I’ll call that the Sexy Curls! I’m being redundant.. Yes! Haha! Beyonce’s are so elegant on the other hand. It compliments her pretty face and I love her skin tone so much. Last but definitely not the least.. Kate Hudson’s curls are those curls that would take you anywhere and yet still look absolutely gorgeous like her.

I’ve searched Google on the easiest way to have those awesome curls without having those expensive salon visits. Here’s what I have found..

Basically, there are numerous ways you can do this, depending on the duration of curls that you want and the amount of pain that you are willing to take. While curling, make locks by dividing your hair into five sections, one at the top of the head, two at the right and left hand side and two at the back of your head

1. How to Curl Your Hair Using Foam Roller

Place the foam curler beneath one thick lock of hair. Roll the lock around the curler tightly and start rolling the curler up from inside. Once you reach the scalp hold the hair with curler securely with a bobbing pin. Repeat these steps with the other locks. Use smaller rollers on the side and front of the face and larger rollers at the back. Blow dry your hair and key the curlers on as long as possible.

2. How to Curl Your Hair Using Straightener

Dry your hair and comb it thoroughly to smooth it out. Spray hair with a heat protectant spray so that your hair does not burn. Divide your hair into five sections. Clamp the straightener on one section near the scalp. Now twirl the straightener inwards making the hair take a U-turn. Run the straightener slowly down the hair shaft till the end. Repeat with other sections. Spray some hair spray on your curls to make them last longer. If you are using a curling iron or hot rollers, do not wet your hair as the hot steam may damage your hair. Do read the safety instructions on hot rollers or curling iron before using them.

C’mon let’s flaunt those awesome curls Ü


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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