Tertels and Music

I love this blog’s title. Haha! Tertels indeed. The star of this blog post is my Daddy Tertel. I call him Daddy tertel because I am his baby, he treated me as his little one though our age gap is not that much. I really can’t recall why it was that way but it is anyway (gulo ko! Ü). Tertel because we are mabagal? LOL! Well, I love him so much and we are so close like tight. Hihi! Though it has been a long time since we last seen each other, we stayed friends. I met Brian, I think, way back 2004 and he is a pretty good singer. There were nights that we were on the phone, doing nothing but me listening to him while he sings. He should have a band of his own and I remember telling him to audition for some singing shows but he refused the idea. I believe that he has a band with his siblings but I’m not pretty sure though. Here are some of his videos that I really love.
Ulan Medley
OPM Medley
Lovesong Medley
The Man Who Can’t be Moved.
Talented right? I could have been his manager if he agreed to join those singing or artista search since he is also good looking [Yeah, this blog is to promote him and I should be paid for this. LOL]. Love you Daddy ♥

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