Kiss Ass

kiss (somebody’s) ass  (American very informal)

To try too hard to please someone and to agree with everything they say, in a way which other people find unpleasant.

Unpleasant and yeah.. annoying. I can’t really figure out why there are people who prefers to kiss somebody’s ass to get to the top. Personally, I despise people who forget friends and would not consider somebody else’s feelings to just get what they want by doing this. I can’t stress it enough how it disgusts me to know a lot of people who are apparently experts in kissing their bosses’ asses. Those power thirsty ticks that would definitely step on whoever gets in their way. Fake friends. Yeah.. These are the people you would consider as fake friends. Talking nicely in your face then would stab your back just to get what they don’t deserve.

It saddened me also that there were people who were a lot talented and deserving of a certain position that was shadowed over by these ticks because of the so-called “boss befriending” tactics. They get discouraged and learn to self-pity thinking that they’re not good enough or their efforts were not being appreciated or acknowledged.

Maybe this is also one good reason why are economy is dropping. “Palakasan” is overrated! It is everywhere and others might deny that this is happening but the bottom line is.. Shit happens!

It always feels good to achieve something you have worked for. Those achievements that you can brag to all the people around you that you have achieved fair and square and to celebrate it with your friends who were there in your journey? Priceless.

I still believe that on all actions there will be an equal reaction and karma is definitely true. Everything might be going smoothly for them now but there would come a time that they would realize that all the things they’ve done are not worth it. Friends are not worth any positions! They can’t even take all those wealth and power in their grave when the time comes so why take time to earn them with bullshits.


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