Love the Way You Lie

I stumbled upon this video on Youtube when I was looking for a nice song to listen while it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Something soothing to the ear, relaxing.. Here’s what I’ve found. Check it out 🙂

Stepheniegee! The name behind that cute face and awesome voice. I’m not pretty sure if she’s a singer from somewhere but she has this collection of her covers on YouTube but this one is my favorite. Tell me what you think about her ayt? 🙂

When Monsoon strikes..

A couple of days ago, a strong southwest monsoon struck the Philippines so bad. According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA), the Habagat or southwest monsoon that usually runs from May to October was affected by the latest typhoon who entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility which was named Gener and eventually called Haikui when he entered the China area. A “monsoon” is a consistent wind pattern generated by a large weather system, that lasts for a period of months and affects a large area of the planet (For more information about monsoon, click here). A lot of places from the northern part of Luzon including Metro Manila was affected or still currently affected by the flood because of the monsoon. An August 10 report confirmed that deaths hit 43 people already (Here’s the complete report).

I, myself was also affected. Our house is situated near the Pasig river which we were very thankful that it didn’t overflow that bad like other rivers from other part of Luzon did. The flood from our neighborhood was knee-high for 3 days I believe and it flows to the 1st floor of our house. It’s a good thing that we are renting a room on the 2nd floor so our things were safe but then again, it saddened me to know that there are a lot of people who are affected by the monsoon rains. Those people who lost their houses and love ones. Hopefully, they can move on and live their life again normally.

Here are some photos I took from our street and house:

Last 6 photos were taken from our front yard and the 1st floor of our house. The flood actually subsided already when I took the photos so it’s only leg-high. It smelled so bad!

I stumbled upon this prayer and I want to share it with my readers so we can pray for all of those in need of it. God bless the Philippines and the world..

A Prayer for the Philippines

Lord of the utmost High, Your loving heart is what makes us one nation.
In these trying times of the calamity, we lift to you our nation.
Help all those who are still in dire need of rescuing;
Strengthen the volunteers in the rescue and relief operations;
Heal those who are sick, grieving, and weak;
Envelope with your kindness those who are confused and lonely;
Inspire those who are able to contribute what they have;
Clear our hearts to set aside differences and conflicts.

May the Holy Spirit come upon us all to enlighten us,
see Your wisdom in all these, and to understand Your purpose.
Thank you for letting the sun shine on us this morning,
For the outpouring of love by the people who are still able to do so
And for the gift of family, friends, and public service.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

(Disclaimer: I edited it a bit because I think this is a prayer for the Ondoy aftermath)

Things I want to accomplish before this year ends.

Maybe this is a bit late, I could have done this early this year but still, daydreaming doesn’t have deadlines right? I just felt that I could have a list of things that I want to do, buy or maybe go to. I will keep this list feasible as much as possible so I won’t have unfinished business for 2012. (Side note: Syempre char lang yan kasi yung ibang naiisip ko.. bomalabs talaga! Haha)

This is in no particular order naman. Which ever pop to my mind first since I have tons. Hihi! (Witch Laugh daw yan).

  • Watch a live PBA game – I have always wanted to watch a live PBA game specifically if it’s gonna be the Petron Blazers or Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. My Hubby and I really enjoy watching basketball games at home so we wanted to know the feeling of watching it live.
  • Cooking a perfect Adobo – Do I have to elaborate this any further? I have tried twice, I think.. Both of them were edible in all fairness to me but those were not the kind of Adobo I would want to serve elsewhere. Haha!
  • Visit the salon – I’m having that Bad Hair Day Syndrome everyday, I swear! I seriously forgot the last time I visited a salon to have my hair fix. Awful!
  • Get myself a Blackberry – This is really an I-want-this-for-the-sake-of-BBM thing. Not really an I-need-this issue. Haha! Hoping that I could have this as a Christmas present 🙂
  • An out-of-town trip – I really wanted to go to Baguio or even Tagaytay just to have a breather of my day-to-day stressful routine. I always feel that I’m enclosed in a square box so this is thinking out of the box maybe. (Waley!)
  • Try Zip Line – This might be a bit of extreme and the fact that I am Acrophobic. I’m thinking that I want to live my life everyday like it’s gonna be my last so yeah.. Face your Fears!
  • Harry Potter movie marathon – Oh how I miss the boy who lived! I’m really hoping that J.K. Rowling would consider writing additional books and yeah I want to relive the adventure 🙂
  • Get at least one of Vans’ Hello Kitty Collection – I’m a fan of that famous cat! Haha! She is so cute plus the fact that they’re from Vans, I really think that owning a pair would be priceless.

  • Get pregnant? – Hahaha! Everybody’s waiting for this for almost 5 years now. Maybe I would be this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙂

End of my list? Naaa.. maybe out of other stuff to think of. Haha! I can make use of a new post for the rest of my To do list this year tough. 🙂