Things I want to accomplish before this year ends.

Maybe this is a bit late, I could have done this early this year but still, daydreaming doesn’t have deadlines right? I just felt that I could have a list of things that I want to do, buy or maybe go to. I will keep this list feasible as much as possible so I won’t have unfinished business for 2012. (Side note: Syempre char lang yan kasi yung ibang naiisip ko.. bomalabs talaga! Haha)

This is in no particular order naman. Which ever pop to my mind first since I have tons. Hihi! (Witch Laugh daw yan).

  • Watch a live PBA game – I have always wanted to watch a live PBA game specifically if it’s gonna be the Petron Blazers or Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. My Hubby and I really enjoy watching basketball games at home so we wanted to know the feeling of watching it live.
  • Cooking a perfect Adobo – Do I have to elaborate this any further? I have tried twice, I think.. Both of them were edible in all fairness to me but those were not the kind of Adobo I would want to serve elsewhere. Haha!
  • Visit the salon – I’m having that Bad Hair Day Syndrome everyday, I swear! I seriously forgot the last time I visited a salon to have my hair fix. Awful!
  • Get myself a Blackberry – This is really an I-want-this-for-the-sake-of-BBM thing. Not really an I-need-this issue. Haha! Hoping that I could have this as a Christmas present 🙂
  • An out-of-town trip – I really wanted to go to Baguio or even Tagaytay just to have a breather of my day-to-day stressful routine. I always feel that I’m enclosed in a square box so this is thinking out of the box maybe. (Waley!)
  • Try Zip Line – This might be a bit of extreme and the fact that I am Acrophobic. I’m thinking that I want to live my life everyday like it’s gonna be my last so yeah.. Face your Fears!
  • Harry Potter movie marathon – Oh how I miss the boy who lived! I’m really hoping that J.K. Rowling would consider writing additional books and yeah I want to relive the adventure 🙂
  • Get at least one of Vans’ Hello Kitty Collection – I’m a fan of that famous cat! Haha! She is so cute plus the fact that they’re from Vans, I really think that owning a pair would be priceless.

  • Get pregnant? – Hahaha! Everybody’s waiting for this for almost 5 years now. Maybe I would be this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙂

End of my list? Naaa.. maybe out of other stuff to think of. Haha! I can make use of a new post for the rest of my To do list this year tough. 🙂


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