I wanna be a Billionaire so freaking BAD!

Yes.. as Bruno Mars’ song shouts.. I wanna be a billionaire so freaking BAD! Haha! I live a normal life like most of the people do but somewhere at the back of my mind.. I wonder what it feels like to be a billionaire. Maybe I could have my own hotel or resort somewhere in the Mediterranean coast.

I love the beach and anything related to it so it would be perfect to have my own secret place or maybe an island away from civilization.

Or I could buy a yatch so I can travel the seven seas with convenience Ü

Since I’m family oriented, I want a house that could accommodate my entire family like billionaire Warren Buffett’s place. Pretty neat huh? Ü From my Husband and kids, Mom and Dad, brothers and sister, brother and sisters in law, down to my nephews and nieces. I couldn’t live a life of my own for that matter. I want to share all this wealth with them. Family always comes first Ü

Who’s up for flying? Ü If I’ll be a billionaire, I’ll travel the world like there’s no tomorrow and I want something like Russian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov’s Airbus A340. Come fly with me Ü

Though I don’t know how to drive, maybe I could use one of this. Haha! It’s the Spyker C8 Aileron of Spyker Cars. Awesome right? Just click the link to know more about my dream car. Ü

How about this for a phone? It’s the Diamond-Covered iPhone 4S and it is the world’s most expensive mobile phone including 500 diamonds with a total of 100 carats. According to the article I read about it, it cost $5.5 million pounds or almost $9.5 million US dollars. It is just WOW! Haha!

Diamonds! Simply because they’re Girl’s best friend. Hehe! This is Diamond Drop Earrings by House Of Harry Winston worth $8.5 millions. This would definitely be a head turner if worn. Classy and yeah.. expensive! Well, I’m a billionaire remember? Ü

The Cinderella Slippers

Nike Air Force One

Shoes.. Shoes.. Shoes.. I so love them but I’m not really a heels kind of girl. I want those pieces that I will be comfortable with but if it will be the “Cinderella Slippers”.. that is a totally different story. Haha! It is the world’s most expensive pair of shoes costs $2 million! As for sneakers, Nike Air Force One “So Calls” costs $50,000. Cool right? Ü

These are just expensive stuff that I can buy if I’ll be a billionaire but I wonder if I’ll still be as happy as today. Though there are times that money is our everyday issue and it feels like that it is the only important thing on earth, we are happy because we are together. Especially me and my husband and the rest of the family. I also wonder if I’ll get to see them everyday still if I’ll be a billionaire. Maybe not.. and that would be the saddest thing ever. I still believe that money can’t buy happiness and we need to appreciate the little things that make us smile. Ü

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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