Cyber Crime Law in PH. Good or Bad?

Yesterday, I logged in on Twitter and my timeline was flooded with criticisms about the Cyber Crime Law. I wondered why so with Google’s help, I was able to read articles about it. I felt sorry for myself that I’m puzzled regarding the latest talk of the town. Silly me for not watching and reading news lately.. I read that another restraining order was filed. Most of the articles I’ve read are questioning the vagueness of the law concerning violating human rights, speech, free press and academic freedom.

Instead of ranting on my Twitter account, I decided to just blog about my thoughts. I know cyber bullying is all over the place. Like people find it funny pissing public figure, celebrities or even common people off. I personally despise it but for me, the law is a bit overkill and really vague in some parts. For example, if a person or group of people are talking about something and a third felt that it was him they’re talking about.. He can have them reported for harassment or libel and get them in jail? Maybe I didn’t understand this law well but this is what I’ve understood from all the articles that I’ve read. Somehow, others felt that it is like Cyber Martial Law, whatever you say will be held against you.

As quote from an article via by Ellyne Phneah.. “It also allows authorities to collect data from personal user accounts on social media and listen in on voice and video applications such as Skype, without a warrant. Users who post defamatory comments on Facebook or Twitter, for example, could be sentenced to up 12 years in jail.”

And I was like.. WOW! That’s definitely a violation of privacy. Don’t you think?

I think passing that law will contradict Section no.4 which is clearly about letting people have the freedom of speech. An E-Warant of Arrest would be so absurd! Maybe they could think of more ways on how everybody would benefit it. Not being so bias since I have accounts from most of the social networking sites but come on.. This is the cyber generation like everybody spend most of their time on the internet.

Today, I also saw friends from Facebook who changed their profile photos into black in protest because as I’ve read, they will roll out the Cyber Crime law today. Hopefully, they will implement this fair for all netizens. Jail violators and be considerate to those who are just expressing their thoughts and views because everybody should have the right to it.

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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