No Make Up Pls..

I came across Iya Misa’s blog about wearing make up and I realized we’re on the same boat when it comes to that issue. I rarely wear make up also. I have this mannerism of smudging my face whenever I’m bored or scratching my eyes whenever I’m sleepy. Would you imagine me doing that while I have make up on. I’ll definitely look terrible!

Like her blog, I want my readers (if I have any.. Ü) to know how I look like everyday.

This photo very much describe how I look like on a daily basis. Tee, jeans, my favorite hot pink sneakers or flip-flops, a jacket and no make up on. Not your kikay girl, I may say. I want to be on a hassle free look most of the time. I don’t know, maybe I grew up on a family where make is not really necessary. I have nothing against make up though. I envy those ladies who wear them beautifully! I don’t even know how to use them, frankly speaking. I am contented on my daily routine which is shower-air dried hair-powder-lip gloss on occasions. I can say that I am not really vain when it comes to my face, I’m not even into moisturizers or toners too. Loose powder is my best friend.

Like Iya, my sister, who is much younger than me, always tell me to wear make up. She constantly reminds me that I look like a tomboy when I’m usually in my jeans and just have my hair tied. When it comes to make up, I can say that she’s a pro. She’s good at it! She even shaped her own eyebrows and I left mine bushy. Haha! She’s also into eyeliners and mascara to enhance her long lashes more.

My Sister KC, she’s beautiful! Isn’t she? Ü

I’m not being a hypocrite here, I wear make up on several occasions but not on a daily basis like other girls do. As I have mentioned, I’m not saying it’s bad.. I am just not comfortable with it! Well, everybody has their own views about this. For others, wearing make up enhances their beauty more and others just can’t figure out that they look better without it. It’s a case to case basis, I may say. For me, as long as you feel confident about yourself, it could be with make up or it could be plain you.. that’s good enough.

Halloween.. Gracall Style!

I was blown away by the Halloween decorations at our office. One word. Career! Nice to take photos because they had photo booths and even my office mates were in costumes. They also had a Trick or Treat program for the employees’ children. Too bad I was not able to take photos of the kids because I was on duty so I just had a photo shoot with my good friends Ana and Mona on our break.

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