Knocked Out Cold.

I still can’t get over Manny Pacquiao’s devastating lost to Juan Manuel Marquez. I can’t help myself to blog about it. Somehow, I figured that he’ll lost the fight (I knew it!) but it’s a totally different feeling when it was confirmed. Not to mention with a K.O. A devastating one. I was not able to watch the fight since I was on my way to work when it as aired. I was extremely sad when I logged on to my Facebook account and it was flooded with his photos lying face down the canvas. From all the stories I’ve heard from friends, I decided I don’t want to watch its rerun. I just couldn’t bear a second looking at him like that. I even saw his wife’s photos crying, trying to reach him, but was not allowed to. That’s heartbreaking.

Pacquiao vs. Marquez Pacquiao vs. Marquez

Pacquiao vs. MarquezPacquiao vs. Marquez Pacquiao vs. Marquez

Crying Jinkee

I heard from the news that Manny undergone a medical check up to make sure he didn’t get any serious injuries specially on his head. Luckily, all his tests were negative and according to him he will be back to fight again. I seriously think that he should retire though. I mean he already got all the fame and fortune. Not to mention that he has achieved a record and a rank that could not be forgotten in the field of boxing so what’s there to lose?

I’ve also read so many reactions about the bout. Some say that a sudden changed in religion affect his faith and also his fight.  They even called it “God’s Vengeance” which I think is unfair. Everybody is entitled to their own choice of religion and I really don’t think that God wants him to be hurt in any way. I just couldn’t figure out why he still wants to fight. He already proved himself to all the people around the world.

In all fairness to JMM, he has done efforts to win the fight and he emerged victorious. I could say that this is the only fight that I can proudly say that it was not a fixed owing to the fact that I have seen both boxers efforts (according to the photos I have seen).

Well, a fight is a fight. A game is a game. One should win and the other would have a “Nice try. Try again!” I’m still proud of Manny Pacquiao though. For us Filipinos, he’s still the People’s Champ, our “Pambasang Kamao”. Ü

Photos from Pacquiao Video

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