The so-called “Year Ender Post”

Well, yeah. As the title of this blog post reads.. This is my version of the so-called “Year Ender Post”. Most bloggers have this posted last week of December of the previous year and since I was too busy to do that, I’ll have it posted just today.


We started the year right, celebrated New year with the whole family Ü

Had a get-together with my close friends Oleng and RenRen which the photos were corrupted by WordPress and to my surprise.. I don’t have backup files. Lame!

Mint and I had fun at the Atiatihan Pandacan Fiesta and we’re planning to join it again this year Ü

Reunited with my good friend Gerald at Yves’ birthday Ü


This month has marked my long wait for my period to come. Like it has been eight months already. Haven’t visited an OB yet. Yeah. I know. I’m hard headed but hospitals and doctors give me the creeps. My period is on his monthly basis now though. Good thing!

We had an hour of so much fun at Star City for Valentine’s Day Ü


Spent time with my Boss and my teammates and I was so glad since that was so rare that we can get out together due to conflicts on our schedule.

We also celebrated my Mom’s birthday this month ♥


Tatay passed away this month. We miss him already..


Cooked my 1st Chicken Tinola and Pork Sinigang! I’m a certified cook already (just daydreaming!) Ü

Reunited with Mamie Cheng and Dew Oleng at Robinson’s Ermita for dessert ♥


Cooked my successful Pork Adobo at last because I’ve tried it several times and those failed. Good thing I was able to perfect it this time Ü

It’s never too late for summer when we celebrated our birthday! Mint and I shares the same birth date and we celebrated it with the whole family at Jed’s Island Resort in Bulacan ♥


My friends are in to dress up and they’ve gone Korean Ü

We’ve also planned a post birthday celebration so we can also celebrate it with them.


The Philippines was struck with monsoon rains this month and it’s awful!


I had a lot of weird dreams this month and I’d better not talk about it anymore. Let’s move on to..


Mint and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary and Alie’s birthday at the same time so we had celebrated it on the same day pigging out and strolling at a mall. Unfortunately, I don’t have my phone with me to take photos and that’s LAME! The exciting part was.. I’ve learned how to cook sautéed Mung Beans. One of out favorite Filipino dishes Ü


Had fun trick or treating at our office with my friends for Halloween Ü


This month flew like as if it never came. Everything was in fast forward. Christmas party? I don’t want to talk about it or you’ll consider it more as ranting rather than talking. Haha! Mom and Dad celebrated Christmas in Olongapo since my Grandmom just arrived from the States so I celebrated it with Mint and Alie alone. It was quite a simple celebration but it was fun though. No photos still which is so annoying. My phone’s camera is broken and our digital camera is nowhere to be found but still it’s worth a holiday to remember.

There goes my 2012! Such a rollercoaster ride, I may say. Hoping I could have more fun this 2013. Cheers for a wonderful year ahead of us ♥

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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