Babois’ Day Out

It has been long now since we have seen each other so we were so excited when my friend, Oleng sent us a message that she wants to see us. We made ourselves available on the date she picked and luckily, it was my day off from work. We had set it on a Sunday and we’re also with Mamie Cheng. We told Oleng to bring her camera along so we could have a little photo shoot. Yeah, a little.. No doubt this post would be much more like photo dumping! Ü

Initially, we planned just to chill at Starbucks but Oleng being hungry, we had fries and sundaes from McDonald’s first and the rest is history.

Mie Cheng + Mint + Me + OlengAlmost.. but not quite. Haha!

I thought I was not part of it until.. TODAY!

Starbucks in definitely.. LOVE!

Nangugulit sa comfort room ng Starbucks. Hehe Ü

After we ate at McDonald’s and chilled at Starbucks, that’s when the fun truly started when we strolled all over the mall carrying Oleng’s camera and  having our “little” photo shoot..

I look pregnant. Haha! Our love for Hello Kitty ♥

Mie Cheng and Hello Kitty

I still managed to take their photo though the sales girl was giving us tiger look.

Not. Allowed. To. Take. Photos.

Mint claiming that boutique was his.

This was so embarrassing! HAHA!

‘Cause her name is Cheng. Go Figure.

Oleng with some pretty girl at Candies Ü

Ang sobrang kakulitan ni Oleng. Hahaha! Ü

After a long day strolling the mall, we had our dinner outside. Just around the corner and it was so good to eat Kwek-Kwek and Gulaman with good old friends. Mint, Oleng and I walked Mie Cheng at the nearest street so she could get a ride home and we hurried across the next street to helped ourselves with sundaes again. Haha!

We had so much fun that day, truly a day to remember! We’ve even planned to have a sleepover at Mie Cheng’s house but I bet we’ll not be pursuing it since her Mom’s scheduled errands were canceled. Just the same, hopefully, we could see each other again before Oleng fly to Japan. I love you Babois ♥

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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